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Samsung Galaxy Prevail root and wifi hotspot tether

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  1. remix5786

    remix5786 New Member

    I was successfully able to root and create a wifi hotspot with the Samsung Galaxy Prevail that I bought 2 hours ago at Best Buy. Yes, I know its been said that it is close to impossible, but they were wrong. Heck ya!

    ok, I looked around for a root that actually worked until I found one, unfortunately I extracted it to my desktop and named it something else, so the author is unknown, but the great news is that IT WORKED! ok, so first extracted it to a folder on the desktop, then put your Prevail in debugging mode and plug it in to the computer. Make sure that you have the Prevail's Drivers installed on the pc too. After that, remove the SD card from the phone. Open the folder on the desktop and open the file named (root). Follow the directions that pop up on the screen from there. Then, when you are done, go to android market and download a file called BusyBox. BusyBox will only install once you have successfully rooted your phone. REBOOT the phone. Then go to android market again and download an app called Wireless Tether. Install it and you are ready to go. Then connect your devices! HOOORRAAHH, and guess what, it was freakin easy!

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  2. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

  3. Vexen

    Vexen Well-Known Member

    sounds like your in the same position i am lol, excited about gettin stuff to work, dont think i did the busy box download though i have the busy box installer app but i dont think it did anything. i have two wireless tether apps one is called just that and the other is barnacle, with barnacle you have to enable wifi in your settings and then activate barnacle, it then deactivates the wifi, (i dunno why but if you dont let it deactivate it then it wont work) and i can wireless tether but as far as a hotspot idk, my ps3 wont pick up the ssid from the phone. i have to tether through laptop.
  4. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    you need the new version for wifi tether, I use 3.1 pre108 experimental
    then you set up the device profile, use the galaxy indulge profile then change setup method to softap for samsung
    then set up the rest of the settings as you like them,wifi encryption, ssid, etc.
    then it will be able to use infrastructure mode. it is a wifi hotspot then.
  5. Vexen

    Vexen Well-Known Member

    new version of what exactly? the wireless tether app?
  6. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

  7. geefilez

    geefilez New Member

    actually in the process of following your steps now the phon is vibrating nothing else so how long should i wait to reboot
  8. jwh42000

    jwh42000 Well-Known Member

    First time I rooted it made it to glowing Samsung, it would vibrate but wouldn't finish booting. Rebooted with volume up and power, it went through fine. On a side note one click doesn't seem to work on gingerbread fa19
  9. PapiChulo97

    PapiChulo97 New Member

    so what did u use because i need help right now... I just cannot figure it out
  10. jwh42000

    jwh42000 Well-Known Member

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