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Samsung Galaxy PrevailSupport

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  1. Kyle1836

    Kyle1836 Member

    Is there a way I can enable a turn-off and turn-on time, for it to turn off and on at a designated time.

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Thread moved. &#12471;
  3. 76ford90lx

    76ford90lx Guest

    Hmmm, Ive never heard of anything like that before. Even if there was an App or a setting on the phone. im sure it could turn off on its own. But once its off... well its off, So IDK if a program or App or setting could even detect anything or tell the phone to turn back on??
  4. cwhatever

    cwhatever Life Goes On Guide

    why would you need it to do that?
  5. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Not sure if it can be done for the phone, from the phone. But I'm sure there's an App for that! :D
  6. BigPappa

    BigPappa New Member

    do you just need the all the audio and vibrator functions to not work during certain times? Say when your in a class or a meeting?
  7. TheRealMillah

    TheRealMillah Well-Known Member

    I use Google Voice on my Prevail and it works just fine.

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