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Samsung Galaxy Pro GT-B7510 do not boot at allSupport

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  1. afarkas

    afarkas New Member

    i am new here, i was searching for threads which corresponds with my problem ... there are many similars, but mine is anyway somehow special.

    My new Samsung Galaxy Pro (after a restart) just do not boot at all ... i press the power button, nothing happens ...

    I did try volume up + home + power
    I did try volume down + home + power ... just no reaction ...

    Is there a way to reset or force the phone boot if not thru boot menu?

    What should i do?

    Thank You

  2. vulcanize

    vulcanize Member

    Same case here because I may have accidentally bricked it.

    Phone just does not boot up at all (dead as a door nail) and moreover Samsung USA does not support phones bought outside of the country. Would really appreciate it if someone could throw some light on the issue or suggest any cell phone repairer with RIFF JTAG equipment in NY/CT area.

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