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  1. ghost2091

    ghost2091 New Member

    So need a little help, new to the whole smart phone world.. I have the Galaxy Rush and the infamous Low SPace symbol has popped up. I've deleted some of my favorite apps to try and solve the space issue but its still there, I've emptied cashes in application management but still no change. Does anyone have a clue to why it's still saying I have no space.. Thanks for the help

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi ghost2091, and welcome to AF :)

    How much internal storage (not sd) does that model have, and how much is free? You should be able to find this in the storage settings menu. If you get below 10% free you will get this message.

    By default apps install to internal storage, and all application data go there too. You can free up some space by moving apps to sd (android 2.2 onward). Go into the Manage Applications menu, select an app and there should be a "move to sd" box. Some apps can't be moved, in which case it will be greyed-out. Don't move apps whose widgets you use, as the widget will stop working.

    Another thing to check is whether any apps are using excessive amounts of data. Look at your apps sorted by size, then look in more detail at the biggest. It may be that you can save some space by clearing some app data (but be careful not to remove anything important).
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  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    First off welcome to the forums! :)

    Might want to try using the App to SD application!
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  4. mysticspiral

    mysticspiral Well-Known Member

    Herro and welcome to the android community.
  5. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Glad to have ya! :ciao:

    Hopefully the resources on here will be helpful to you.
    I've moved your thread to its area of support.
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  6. itsthereefaman

    itsthereefaman Active Member

    Only way (for this phone) is to partition your sd card and use link2sd from the play store. App2sd does not work on this this phone. Get a decent sized sd card if you're an app-a-holic.
  7. dakid27

    dakid27 Active Member

    how would i partition my sd?
  8. Tesla5

    Tesla5 Well-Known Member

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  9. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito VIP Member

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  10. lascott7

    lascott7 Member

    I have had this before and I had to get a bigger card, but I have 2 other issues:
    1st: my contacts do not populate unless I click on 'dialer' and sometimes that is slow. Both are really slow to launch. I do not understand why. Most of the time I am unable to make calls because of this. Does anyone know why?
    2nd: my apk app files I wanted them extracted with an app. Is there a better way to do that for an unrooted phone? I have tried many apps to try to extract my old apk app files that I put on my sd card from my old phone. I tried to click on them from my file manager and it says 'no file associated to open' or something. I was hoping to go to Carbon and do it but it only backs up first then restore and unable to see the apk app files on my card :( I do not know what to do. Someone please help!:confused:
  11. roman671

    roman671 New Member

    Been having trouble with my phone ever since i got a 32GB MicroSD card, i used to have a 16GB and never had problems but now im having trouble. It randomly says that "SD card unexpectedly removed" havent even touched the phone or the SD card anyone know if theres some bug fix for this or??? Im getting really peeved especially when im listening to music or watching a movie or taking pictures and that comes up because it stops the application from working until it decides to read the card again.

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