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Samsung galaxy s 2 (sms storage limit ??)General

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  1. santo98rini

    santo98rini New Member

    Hi everyone.

    I have a question for Samsung Galaxy S2.

    What is the maximum of SMS text messages stored on this phone. ??

    And Can I convert these SMS messages on S2 to EXCEL file ??

    Thanks in advance ....

  2. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    im not sure if there's a limit :D the only limit is wat u set as the max number of messages per thread (ive set mine at 400, i dont know wat the actual limit is, if there is one)

    i cant imagine this phone running out of space for SMS :D
  3. santo98rini

    santo98rini New Member

    Hi .
    Thanks for the answer.
    You can set 5000 as max SMS limit on the phone.

    Operating System limit is 5000.

    But there is a sentence like that "5000 per conversation"

    What does it mean "PER CONVERSATION"

    If you have ten friends, does it mean that totally it can be stored 50 thousands of SMS messages...?????

    Thanks ....
  4. Tsuu

    Tsuu New Member

    Hello! It just refers to the messages between you and that specific contact
    So if you had 10 contacts that means you would be able to save up to 5000 to each of those people. So in a way, yes you can save up 50000 messages but not to any one contact.
    I hope this is helpful :)

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