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  1. J.Rawand

    J.Rawand Member

    hey guys what's up ? hope you are well.

    I have Samsung galaxy S 2 and I have problem with its alarm

    when I set an alarm for next day and switch off my phone, it will NOT

    ring, can anyone tell me why is that, and the solution ?

    note :: when I set an alarm without switching off my phone, it will Ring.

    Aappreciating your help. Thank you All

  2. Twinn

    Twinn Well-Known Member

    because alarm wont work when u switch off your phone. instead of switching off ur phone, use airplane mode, similiar effects with saving power and ur alarm will work 100%.

    ps. if you are rooted there is other option but let me know first is your phone rooted ;)
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  3. J.Rawand

    J.Rawand Member

    many many thanks for the help. about my phone, no it's not rooted.

    actually what makes me to switch off my phone is that it won't last more than 8 hours.

    and if I didn't make this step, my phone may shut down by itself and then I get no

    alarm. but now you told me the solution.

    many thanks for the help.
  4. thezeronumber

    thezeronumber Active Member

    After almost 2 years of using my Sony Ericsson W995 i found out by accident that the Phone will turn itself on to ring the alarm if one is set (battery went dead before i went to sleep but it had enough juice to turn back on and wake me up). Bit disappointing that the SGS2 won't do the same, however, all these months/years i have left my Phones on overnight and it rarely dampens on the battery life of the handset so leaving it on shouldn't be an issue because it is rarely using any power. Not trying to sound like a jerk but there is always the option of buying a genuine alarm clock (portable or otherwise) if you really wish to keep your Phone off at night.

    EDIT: On the default 2.3.3 firmware which is apparently terrible for battery life, my Phone loses 2-3% overnight when idle. If your device is on its last 5% of juice then it will definitely be enough to stay awake and get you up the next day, permitting you don't have any background devices running. :)
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  5. J.Rawand

    J.Rawand Member

    mr. thezeronumber many thanks for the help.

    I hope my phone does the job when it has 5% remaining.
  6. Twinn

    Twinn Well-Known Member

    Try upgrading firmware to 2.3.4 or 2.3.5. It will extend your battery life. U say ur phone has power for 8hours. Mine lasts over 24 h with medium to heavy use... but my phone is rooted and all unnecessary bloatware removed ;) try upgrading firmware first, u dont need to be rooted to do that. There are many topics on this forum how to do it, so have a look and ask if you need anymore help:)
  7. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    Yeah it sucks that the S2 can't do this, maybe they can add it in an update?
    Could ICS do it for us? there's an ok chance. Or is it a hardware thing? (I think it's software)

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