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samsung galaxy s advancedSupport

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  1. taurusgirl

    taurusgirl New Member

    Hello I know this might be a silly question to ask :eek: but I have just got a new Galaxy S Advanced. Do I have to download drivers in order to connect to my PC. I have just used the USB and connected to my PC and nothing happens. If I do from where can I get them. Many Thanks.

  2. ono

    ono Member

    Hi Tausgirl,
    In your phone there should be an app called "kies air", if you click it you will get a URL , type that into your pc internet browser and it will connect automatically, it's pretty cool and easy to use.
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  3. chiappa

    chiappa Member

    I prefer to just mount the phone on my computer, like USB stick and drag/drop files from there. Pretty straight forward

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