Samsung Galaxy S--disabling screen lock

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  1. netrider

    netrider New Member

    I enabled the dot pattern screen lock and it's driving me crazy. I went back to Settings->Location & Security and tapped the Change/disable screen lock but it doesn't appear to give me the option to disable the lock.

    How do I completely disable the screen lock?

  2. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!! Moderator

    Welcome to Android forums! I'm not familiar with you device but asking your question in here will get you some answers. Samsung Galaxy S - Android Forums
  3. McMom05

    McMom05 New Member

    ok, I just had the same problem with my samsung s2 (Galaxy II). I was going in and out of programs to see how/ what they are.

    I discovered how to disable the screen lock by re-entering - settings, security, enter the screen lock and enter another code, then hit next, you will then be able to click "NONE". This will disable the screen lock.

    Good Luck.

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