Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3G On-Off Prooblem

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  1. ahmed2502

    ahmed2502 New Member

    My Samsung Galaxy S Duos has suddenly started behaving very strangely. The 3g(Mobile Data) turns Off-On frequently. When I switch it on, it becomes active for few seconds and then becomes deactivated for few seconds. This on-off continues untill I switch off the mobile data myself.

    As per one of the forums, I uninstalled Best Wallpapers HD, but the problem could not be resolved. I have reset my phone as well 2-3 times, but the problem still persists.

    Please help me.

  2. wecaz

    wecaz New Member

    Have you recently installed any android 4.0.4 update?
  3. ahmed2502

    ahmed2502 New Member

    I have preloaded Android 4.0.4. I haven't updated it. The 3g was working well for past 2 months until this problem showed. :(
  4. wecaz

    wecaz New Member

    My Duos keeps getting into ringtone mode after few hours of setting it into vibrate only.

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