Samsung galaxy S force closed SMS messaging then deleted all of them

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  1. Sarah2811

    Sarah2811 New Member

    Hi there, I had just read a text message earlier and a pop up box appeared saying something like it was responding and said Force Close, so I clicked it as there was nothing else to click and it deleted all my SMS messages, all my threads and had no message conversations in my inbox, tried turning fine off and back on again but still the same, they were gone... Does anybody know how to get them all back as I had saved messages that were really important in there!!?? Please help me!! x

  2. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    Welcome to the Android Forums!

    Sorry for your loss! In searching the forum it looks like others have encountered similar problems. Check out the following links:

    So far I haven't found any examples of this happening on Galaxy S-series phones with only a few text messages saved. Each time, so far, it seems to happen to someone with a lot of messages saved. Makes me wonder whether or not there's a coding issue in the text messaging app on the Galaxy S phones...
  3. polly88

    polly88 New Member

    hi i jus had the samee thing happen to me im really p****** off i really need some of the msgs not happy at all did u find a way to get them bak?
  4. Trinity23

    Trinity23 New Member

    Well, I am another victim of the sms force close bug on a Samsung Galaxy S... did the same of turning off-on, but all messages gone! Also very peeved. What's the go? The force close thing has been happening A LOT lately. I don't want to get a new phone (or an iphone!) if there is an easy solution.

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