Samsung Galaxy S II charging issues.

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    Jul 9, 2012
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    I have had my GalaxyS2 for a year in October. About a week ago my phone started going crazy and not recognizing the charger being plugged in, even after charging for awhile. It does this rapidly as well. "Charging. Not Charging. Charging. Not Charging."

    I tried buying a new charger, and I haven't really downloaded any new apps. Any suggestions? :confused:

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    Hello mmOK. I'm sorry you are having charging problems. Your problem could be as simple as a pin in the usb connector being dirty or it could be a more serious problem with the hardware. If you have the same problem across different chargers, it's likely a problem with the phone. You might try cleaning the contacts with some compressed air or a bit of alcohol and a pinch of cotton. A close inspection of those contacts within that usb connector to assure one isn't bent over. Beyond such simple repairs.. I have no suggestions. You might try asking for assistance in your S2 discussion area. The users there know your phone well and might have a better insight. Not knowing which S2 you have, I'm leaving links to all of the S2 areas. Just click on your phone/carrier to check out your phone's discussion area.
    Thanks for joining and good luck. Here are those S2 links:
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    Welcome MM0K to Android Forums, look around and enjoy. :hello: :congrats:

    Also if you want to be able to connect to the Forums from your Android device, be sure to check out the free Phandroid app in the Google Play Market. Cheers!!!!

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