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  1. Nicci Von Dame

    Nicci Von Dame New Member

    Hello everyone!!! :)

    This is my first post on this website. So, today I updated my phone to ICS. I have noticed some issues, that I don't know if are normal for this phone or not. I've noticed it seems to be missing a lot of features that were supposed to be on ICS. Such as new icons (like the phone, messages and camera icon) and the feature where you can get to the camera on the lock screen. Also, better camera and editing features. I know the Nexus S has these features. My question is, is ICS different on the Galaxy S II than it is on the Nexus S? I thought that the update would be universal and all phones would get the same features. Any answers to this would be greatly appreciated. :) Thank you!


  2. mikedeguzman

    mikedeguzman New Member

    I have the same issue also. thank you. I had one hell of a time
    Figuring out the screen capture method. Best of luck
  3. bignuts45

    bignuts45 Member

    My home button no longer works after ics update.
  4. 129260

    129260 Well-Known Member

    @ mikedeguzman

    Never post your email. Use the forum. You are just asking to be spammed.

    To everyone else with issues.

    Lockscreen: There are many third party apps that allow you to use your own lock screen and customize it how you like it. For example, go locker.

    A lot of those lockscreens that certain phones have are to make them different from the competition. The actual features of ICS are included. See here. Face unlock, etc all is included.


    If your home button is not working at all, might I suggest a factory reset or calling samsung on the matter?

    Also your name I consider to be inappropriate.
  5. mikedeguzman

    mikedeguzman New Member


    Thanks for the heads up regarding email spam. I had go locker before and it was Col
    Its just a little disappointing to mow have all the features that
    ICS is said to come with. I don't have the camera features as well.
    Do you think there will be an update to work out the bugs or dis ATT roll
    This out to wipe out all of the rooted phones like mine was before the update
    I knew I should have waited. I would really like to have a lock screen icon that's
    Stock with ICS. Oh well galaxy S3 might be in my near future.
    Thanks for the info but if you know of why the lock screen icons are not there please kwt me know. Thank you in advance.
  6. bignuts45

    bignuts45 Member

    Not sure why it would be inappropriate ....but I will try the factory rest. I've had this nickname since high school and I'm a woman.
  7. bignuts45

    bignuts45 Member

    After reset I added everything back and the app that was giving me the problem is MagicLocker. Just in case anyone else has the issue they don't have to reinstall everything.
  8. jf3rr3ll

    jf3rr3ll New Member

    I havent noticed probs with the Home button, but there is LOTS that is buggy. For one the keyboard is laggy. EXTREMELY laggy. It doesnt matter if I am using the Samsung keyboard, android, smart keyboard pro... they all suck. Also phone calls will just go to voicemail. I will have the phone in my hand I will get a voicemail. I use handcent messaging. I click on someones name and someone elses messages will come up. The response time switching apps, going home, whatever I am doing on the phone is horrible. Screens lock up, apps force close, apps installed to the sd card will not update without multiple tries... It is absolutely crap. I was a long time iPhone user and sold my 4s because I loved my Skyrocket. NOW??? I am on pins and needles awaiting the next iPhone release date. I am not running a custom rom, nothing. The phone was updated via Kies and I have not rooted my phone ever. BOOO to google, Samsung, and At&t for this update. If anyone knows how I can go back to Gingerbread, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  9. shadowvfx

    shadowvfx Member

    I never rooted my phone because I wanted to avoid issues like the ones I (and a lot of other people) are experiencing. I never rooted my phone or put the unofficial ICS update onto it because I just don't have the free time to hassel with my phone if stuff starts to go wrong with it. Apparently, AT&T & Samsung don't give a flying rip about my time and decided to release an update to one of their most successful products without doing sufficient quality control.

    Yes, I am ranting. I could accept these issues if I imposed them on myself, but this kind of stuff should NOT be happening with an official update. Shame on you AT&T. Shame on you, Samsung!
  10. bk11222

    bk11222 Well-Known Member

    i can't do screenshots with the new power/volume key method
  11. Gammaman

    Gammaman New Member

    Did you get the camera?
  12. brewcity414

    brewcity414 Active Member

    my problem is.... laggy keyboard , wifi freeze up it seems like my processor is running very hard because alot of stuff freeze up and stop running my ram meter is always in the red. help? or is this an issue to take up with atnt
  13. redrider67

    redrider67 Well-Known Member

    Screenshot is the same as GB just don't have to do it quick just press off and home together and hold it till it takes the shot. To me it's a lot easier.

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  14. mdanderson

    mdanderson Active Member

    I ended up find an ATT Device Service Center in the Dallas area where I live and they were able to flash it back to GB 2.3.6. at no charge. I was going to do it myself with the return to stock method but I decided to let ATT do it. My phone is working fine again.
  15. PapaDukes1960

    PapaDukes1960 New Member

    I have not had the issues noted above except for the home screen button not working when I installed rooted ics 4.0.3. I did a factory reset (wipes all data) and it worked after that. I was searching around to see if it was worth updating (rooted version) to ics 4.0.4 when I was reading about all the issues noted above in the Nexus forum. Seems a factory reset following ota update on non-rooted GB to ICS seemed to solve their issues, including sluggishness. May want to give it a try. Me? I'm waiting for Jelly Bean. Soft-bricked my phone twice messing around with CHMOD nightlys and 0.0.1 updates!
  16. brewcity414

    brewcity414 Active Member

    hey papa my phone is not rooted i dont want to root it so is there any advice you can give me for my problem it just seem like my phone processor is running very hard and my phone freezes when i try to use my wifi or save a picture with camera 360 . its overall crappy i love the new features but i dislike the lags and freezing . let me no step by step i appreciate it
  17. pokey89

    pokey89 Member

    Just talked to AT&T warranty. Apparently AT&T and Samsung know of an issue that is impacting hundreds of people and could be hitting into the thousands now. Samsung is working on a fix as is AT&T but the issue after updating to ICS is it bricks the phone right after upgrading or within 2 or 3 days of upgrading which is my case.

    Samsung wanted me to send in the phone and they would flash it back or repair within two weeks. I just laughed at the person there and told them no thx that was unacceptable and hung up.

    AT&T rep I talked to asked me all sorts of details cause he wanted to show and report another known issue to try and get them to stop having the upgrade available and it should be pulled till they can get it fixed. They had no issues sending me out another phone but wants to charge me 14.95 for priority shipping. The rep at the corp store told me she will credit my account for that charge so I am not out any money.

    He wanted me to go into a lot of detail about how I did the upgrade, the fact that Samsung Kies didn't do any sort of backup like it said it did so I am screwed on everything I had on there.

    They are trying to cover up their issues, but their reps are getting ticked because they are be bombarded with people pissed off about their bricked phones.
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  18. brewcity414

    brewcity414 Active Member

    wow so we are just f##### did they give you a date that they will release the new fixed update
  19. bk11222

    bk11222 Well-Known Member

    i had the same problem for the first 2 days or so after the update. also i did a factory reset for unrelated reasons. i also find touchwiz to be laggy in general. have you tried go launcher or adw launcher?

    my phone has been butter ever since
  20. bk11222

    bk11222 Well-Known Member

    wow! thank you. i thought ICS was volume/power off. even went to my local ATT store and the rep said the same.

    thank you.
  21. redrider67

    redrider67 Well-Known Member

    I had a few complaints AT&T sent me out a new sim card that seemed to fix a lot of my issues along with a factory reset.

    My only complaint is MMS still can't tap to zoom if people send pic along with text. Pic only you can tap and zoom.
  22. brewcity414

    brewcity414 Active Member

    yea i been using go launcher still having these issues its ridiculous
  23. pokey89

    pokey89 Member

    Actually AT&T sent me a replacement phone with ICS 4.04 preloaded on it and it is working great now. Still lost my contacts and everything else that Kies said it was backing up for me. HAHA, Samsung just sent me a canned email apology after I complained to them online.
  24. Premo da Rula

    Premo da Rula Member

    I'm having issues with video playback. When I try to stream it'll freeze then play, then if I FF it'll do the same but if I try again it'll give me a video cant be played error. This only happens wiith streaming. If I dl a video I have no problems. I've tried a couple of different video players but keep getting the same result.
  25. radman2020

    radman2020 Well-Known Member

    Anyone calling me when I have speakerphone on gets a horrible echo of their voice. It is making the phone unuseable in the car. I am desperately trying to figure out how to fix this or take it back to gingerbread. Can anyone help?

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