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  1. BSBHVR2

    BSBHVR2 Active Member

    Hello! I am a total virgin to droid phones, I've been an iPhone user only previously. Anyway, I'm used to the real time push notifications with Twitter, both the tone and pop-up message, that occurs when receiving a tweet on my iPhone. I don't get that on my Galaxy, and I don't like that lol. I do get a tone but it's not very loud and I get no pop-ups. And the tone doesn't seem to be in real time. Is this something that is just better on iPhone, simply a setting I need to adjust on my new phone or do I need to use a particular Twitter client on my Galaxy? I'm currently using the official Twitter app. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Damenc

    Damenc Active Member

    Depends on what, if you're talking about text messages coming in, then get the app called ChompSMS, it will wake your device and show you a window of the incoming text which you can do quick reply.

    For email, currently there is no wake/pop up option, just the blinking LED on the S3, I actually prefer this way, it's like the old Blackberry days. I prefer it because the amount of emails I get, my screen would come on every minute which was killing my Iphone battery :) I'm sure there's an app or tweak to wake the S3 on incoming email out there... "There's an app for that... " hahaha.
  3. toxaris71

    toxaris71 Member

    typically you will see a little on the notifications bar, to the left, and when you pull down the bar, you should see notification.
  4. BSBHVR2

    BSBHVR2 Active Member

    Downloaded and I will give that a shot. I wasn't real happy with the notifications of text messages either, but I figured it was acceptable. And thankfully, I don't receive a ton of email's, so that is not a major concern for me. Thank you very much!
  5. Damenc

    Damenc Active Member

    Ya, mine comes up with a little mail icon, either for email or gmail accounts, not sure what yours is not showing up, check your email and gmail app preferences.
  6. BSBHVR2

    BSBHVR2 Active Member

    Yeah, I do see that. I guess my problem is that with the iphone, and when dealing with Twitter notifications, you couldn't help but be made aware of when someone tweeted at you (or direct messaged you). There is the loud tri-tone notification as well as the large pop-up in the center of your screen. It may just take getting used to looking closely at the delivery on the GS3 as opposed to the iPhone. Thank you for your response!
  7. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    I don't use the official Twitter app, since I use Tweakdeck and it can have custom notifications. I suggest checking the app's settings.
  8. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    The best way to get instant tweets on Android is to use mobile notifications. This is a Twitter feature that sends tweets to your phone via text message. You can turn the feature on or off for anyone you follow via your Twitter account.

    For text pop ups, try Handcent SMS. Very customizable. It can create a pop up with a reply box, or not. You can set the notification sound for individual contacts. You can set the pop up to wake a sleeping phone and turn the screen on.

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