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Samsung Galaxy S is in a force close loop....need helpplease!!General

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  1. rwilson7272

    rwilson7272 New Member


    I have a galaxy s which i rooted a couple of months back using Ryanza's OCLF. Everything has been perfect until today when i tried to change the fonts on my phone using OCLF. I got an error telling me the fonts failed to install, and right after that my phone started acting crazy.

    This is what it does, in a constant cycle! Turn on phone and it begins to load up, vibrates once, then about 5 secs later it vibrates 3 times and produces an error saying the keypad has stopped unexpectedly!! Then i force close, and the screen goes black! I thought i fixed this by changing to swype, but now it still does the same thing!! And this cycle lasts about 30 seconds, and all starts over again!!

    I have done a factory reset, but it did nothing to solve this problem!!

    If anyone has any idea what i could do to fix this, or if it can even be fixed that would be great!! Am really at a loss here!!





    I just had to go back to the Spring store as my brand new Samsung Galaxy S was stuck in a loop with a force close message and I could not get it to do a factory reset as none of the soft keys would respond. The store personnel pushed the volume down, camera and off button and then got the screen to select factory reset.
  3. Rash

    Rash Well-Known Member

    Have you guys tried updating your firmware/use another kernel, just to check if the same problem persist..if they do then it may be hardware issue.

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