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Samsung galaxy s mesmerize notification ringtoneSupport

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  1. amrichardson81

    amrichardson81 New Member

    I just got this phone and I changed my notification tone and it still plays the default tone when txt messages come through. I have tried shutting off phone and taking battery out. Need help

  2. scott_

    scott_ Well-Known Member

    You did know that there are 2 different settings for notification tones.
    1 for all general notifications, and a 2nd one just for txt messages.

    Menu>settings>sound settings>notification ringtone === general notices

    messaging>settings>select ringtone ==== txt notices
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  3. trippseventeen

    trippseventeen Active Member

    First android ive seen that you have to set the message ringer in the message menu...:confused: My phone is almost always on vibrate so I never worried about it really lol.
  4. Fallengamer99

    Fallengamer99 New Member

    Hey does anyone know how I can install the stock browser for 2.3.5 mesmerize...I rooted my phone then deleted the stock browser on accident after titanium backup failed to backup my apps ;/ Im without the stock browser now that renders some other important apps useless...eg navigation.

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