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Samsung Galaxy S not recognized by Win XP/7Support

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  1. jas1322

    jas1322 New Member

    Hi All,

    I had Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.2. When i connect to machine the phone is not recognized by windows XP / 7. Model Number is SPH-D700 I tried all the options as
    - Set USB debugging ON in phone
    - Download & Install drivers for the phone manually
    - Download & Install Samsung Kies too
    - Manually scanning for new hardware doesn't detect it
    - Tried connecting on different machine but no luck.
    - Changed SD card and phone setting to Mass Storage
    - Tried different USB ports
    - The phone start charging when i connect thru USB but its not recognized :mad:

    For the last 2 weeks i googled a lot to find out any solution. All those solution/options didn't work. Can anyone guide me how to proceed on it....

  2. gfaccorsi

    gfaccorsi Member

    i am on the same quest, and to tell you the truth im almost giving up

    its a shame that a 600$ phone cant connect to a pc via usb, thats the very basic of a phone.
  3. TechGrin

    TechGrin Well-Known Member

    Kies is a very frustrating piece of software! Make sure you have any custom launchers (launcher pro etc) turned off. I found the Galaxy only connected to Kies when I was using TouchWiz (the standard Samsung launcher).

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