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Samsung Galaxy S - Outlook sync

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  1. AndroidPat

    AndroidPat New Member


    I just synchronized my new phone with my local Outlook-calendar (no Exchange) by using Samsung Kies. My PC OS is Windows 7.
    I don't know, if this is a specific problem to Kies or a general Android-issue:
    All the past calendar entries (for a couple of years) have been synchronized too. I think, this is not really necessary.
    And secondly, my mobile-calendar showed an automaticly generated entry every Monday with the information of the week-number until December 2011.
    Thanks for your advice.


  2. WJL

    WJL New Member

    Hi Patrick,
    I cannot get my new Galaxy S to sync with outlook. My laptop OS is also Windows 7. Can you tell me how you managed to get the sync to work??
    Cheers, WJL
  3. DRCS

    DRCS New Member

    The trick I found was to close Outlook before attempting to sync.
    Cheers, Reg
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  4. NWSkier

    NWSkier New Member

    I am trying use Kies to sync my Samsung Vibrant with my Outlook on my PC. I keep getting an error message that I need to be in PC Studio mode before connecting my device. One user said to go to Settings and About Phone, but my settings button does not give an option of About Phone. Anyone have any suggestions???
  5. WJL

    WJL New Member

    I found my problem was that Kies will not sync with Microsoft Office 2010! I had to uninstal 2010 and reinstal Office 2007 before it would sync, which is seems to do quite well. Seems the problem is that Kies is not yet up to dealing with Office 2010.
  6. Finland

    Finland New Member

    I also had a problem with the Outlook sync (Outlook 2007). When I did the sync, everything seemed to work OK, until I realized that during the sync Kies (?) had changed all the event dates to be 01.01.1901... Any idea how I can change the settings or something so that the dates would come through correctly to my Galaxy S?
  7. avinashtauro

    avinashtauro New Member

    Thanks. Just had to close outlook 2010 and kies works.
  8. FINALEXX3000

    FINALEXX3000 New Member

    I get a weird error message when trying to sync with outlook. Please see picture of error message attached.

    "Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID...."

    I have Outlook 2003. Tried also to close Outlook before connecting phone to pc, tried restarting phone & pc. Any ideas?


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  9. caspiapam

    caspiapam New Member

    Hi Patrick, I have just succeeded after several hours in getting all the synchs to work FINALLY on Kies/Windows 7/Outlook 2007. It took a while! In terms of the old calendar entries, there is an option to choose what time period you synch. It seems like you have chosen to synch all calendar entries - you need to chnage the date op. Can't help with the other part of your question I'm afraid. Pam
  10. caspiapam

    caspiapam New Member

    Hi, as I just told Patrick, I have just succeeded after several hours in getting all the synchs to work FINALLY on Kies/Windows 7/Outlook 2007. It took a while! If you are on Outlook 2010 you'll have a problem as it doesn't seem to like it! On 2007 Outlook after a lot of trial and error I discovered that it doesn't synch properly if you tick All Contacts or All calendars. You have to choose the selcted folders option for Personal Folders Contacts and Calendar. That sorted out the calendar synch but the Contacts was still not working until I unchecked the box to synch the categories and groups. Then it worked. I also found that forcing it to synch severasl times helped, too.

    On a separate note, if anyone has any idea how I can synch Tasks from Outlook do let me know!

  11. Beggie

    Beggie New Member

    Hi Everyone, I have just got a galaxy and to be honest, i am pissed. I need this thing to sync with outlook and i cant get it too work. Kies says it cannot get the information from outlook. I need this for work and was told it would work. Can anyone help me?
  12. Criz

    Criz New Member

    Hi Beggie,

    I had the same problems this morning (and I'm using Outlook 2007). As stated earlier in this thread it can be solved by closing outlook before trying to synchronize.

  13. beanzy0

    beanzy0 New Member

    (i tried this with the galaxy s2 to outlook 2007) when you close outlook it stops the sync automatically!:confused:
  14. beanzy0

    beanzy0 New Member

    I WORKED IT OUT! i reset my phone to factory settings, set up the usual google setup account, and hooked up my wifi to my network.

    once i was connected to my pc through my wifi i only selected the schedule option but instead i only synched the PERSONAL FOLDER! this fixed my problem of not being able to sync the schedules i had entered in the past for the future!!

    tho as mentioned earlier, CONNECTING THROUGH WIFI IS SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FASTER than connecting through usb.. ! the sync was done in minutes.. for the first sync and seconds for refreshers!! love it ! lets hope this feeling stays up..
  15. alkbh

    alkbh New Member

    Hi Just got my Samsung Galaxy S2, a total new challenges to start all over again. Please help, tried a few times couldn't and can't find how to syn with my Outlook (not Exchange). Anyone with steps by steps toward getting it syn. Total Furstrating.
  16. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    For local sync to Outlook try MyPhoneExplorer.

  17. DenisParkes

    DenisParkes New Member

    I too have a new Samsung Galaxy and really need it to synch with Outlook for Contacts, Calendar and notes (ideally also tasks). Nothing is working including the Keis thing (nothing at all happens there) and also on a trail piece of software called companionlink and Deja office - which promised the earth). This last thing has managed to create a separate contacts list resembling my outlook one, but this is not appearing in the phone's main contacts list which just has some facebook contacts in there. Where on earth do you start to resolve this mess?
  18. Tasel

    Tasel New Member

    Hi there, Just bought a Galaxy S and am trying to synch my calendar and contacts Outlook 2003 (XP) using Kies but receiving error messages (There was an error that caused the instant PIM Outlook Plugin to fail). Also just noticed that Kies won't let the phone connect via Bluetooth. I updated the Kies but still doesn't work and I don't want to stuff around using Google. I just want to hit the button 'synch' and it to work.

    When I first loaded Kies it synched my contacts but wouldn't synch the calendar - now it won't synch anything. Tried uninstalling Kies but couldn't.

    I realise that Outlook needs to be closed for the synch to happen but wonder if it isn't closed properly in the background. Could this be the problem.

    Please help as I'm about to take it back if I can't get it to synch. My old Nokia wasn't perfect but at least the Synch worked most of the time.
  19. RomofsoToN

    RomofsoToN New Member

    I received my Samsung Galaxy S2 on Friday 29th July 2011. I have been waiting to upgrade my handset for a couple of years now, my old Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is finally starting to fail. I was waiting for a decent Android set with a proper physical keyboard, I wish I had not bothered. I have already arranged for the set to be picked up tomorrow by Vodafone. It is very important for me to be able to sync my phone and Outlook and I was told that this would not be a problem with the SGS2. All I can say is that I will never buy a consumer phone unit again, and stick to proper business handsets.

    KIES is absolutely useless, it does not even install properly on my totally up to spec windoe XP SP3 PC, I have Windows Media Player 11, Direct X 9 and the latest Java and .NET Frameworks, and everything else that Samsung says it needs. Samsung support is a waste of time, eventually they told me that I needed office 2007, I have 2003, but the issue is not with office, the Keis is so resource hungry and its spalsh screen, and actual window is not drawing correctly, ie it is pixelated. I have searched the net but can't see this issue mentioned anywhere else. I can get it to try to sync with the phone but it takes ages and hangs and never completes. If anyone else has had this problem, did you find a solution, or do I just return the set when I get my returns pack from Vodafone on Monday? Your thoughts would be most welcomed. I wasted all day Friday and quite a few hours on Saturday, and enough is enough. So I will be chilling today (Sunday) and waiting for any replies.
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  20. cmpcrzy

    cmpcrzy New Member

    It seems most people have a problem with kies and the Samsung Galaxy SII, I too was talked into getting this phone, instead of a blackberry, due to the RIM problems that are going on. But I only can get the contacts, but not the calender by using KIES.
    If I open a google account and import my outlook there, then I only can get calendar and not contacts.
    Is there any one out here that can help with this supposedly "marvellous" superphone to work or sync properly with Outlook, calendar and contacts???
    Give me back my back my Blackberry, outdated or not as fast, it does a better job then this superphone.
    Too many Apps on this Samsung and nobody knows what to do with them.
    Even went back to the Bell store as they were a couple a years very helpful setting up my emails on the blackberry. But even that is a problem on the Samsung.
    I need answers please
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  21. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    If you guys are Ok with cloud syncing with outlook, I'd suggest that instead. Works better.
  22. jfl1960

    jfl1960 New Member

    I am having a similar problem with a few twists, I have the Samsung Galaxy 550 model GT-15500M, the problem I am having is syncing Outlook calandar and contacts to my handheld. I am using Kies version 2.02.11071_128 which I downloaded from the Samsung site just 3 days ago so I am assuming it is the latest version.
    My phone connects to Kies no problem and I can sync music without any problem, but when I try the contacts and calander I get progress bars and a completed notification but nothing shows up on my handheld either in the contacts or calandar apps on the phone. I have tried everything allowing permissions and running in administrator mode and same issue.
    My handneld came with android 2.1 so I reflashed it to 2.2 now it reads model GT-15500L, this cured a perminent sleep mode problem I was having but did nothing for my sync issues, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Sohail Assi

    Sohail Assi New Member

    I am having problem with Kies as well. Everytime I connect my Samsung Galaxy I, it tells me to "reconnect the device in Samsung Kies PC Studio mode". I can access the phone as a drive but I am not able to synch the data from Outlook to the device. I used the exchange server to synch my contact and calenders but I cant synch my notes. I dont wish to maintain 2 systems. Anyone have seen this error message before? Any idea how to overcome it? Thanks guys!

  24. tigeleo

    tigeleo New Member

    I have OUTLOOK 2007. In previous version I synchronize without problem and after last update kies begin failed (just closed without some error)
  25. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    Just to say that the latest version of MyPhoneExplorer now syncs tasks and notes from Outlook.


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