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samsung galaxy s stopped working suddently.. does not turn on..it's totally dead..

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  1. bharathraju

    bharathraju New Member

    I have been using samsung galaxy s mobile for around 2 years.Occasionally the mobile used to get hanged and when i press the power button for 10 seconds it will turn on.But Today I received a message from my friend.just read lines of message in top notification.and I kept my phone in vibration mode and locked it.After some time when i pressed the home button to unlock. no display came.I even pressed the power button for more than 10 seconds but nothing happened. All I Remember at that time is that my android default music player was in pause mode and phone memory was almost full. Just around 50 to 100 Mb free space was there in internal memory(16Gb). what could have happened..it was working fine whole day and suddently my phone is dead.. Please Help.. How can i get the display or turn on the phone.. i even tried charging and no charging sound and no charging display..it's totally dead all of a sudden...please help..


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  2. Griffin60

    Griffin60 New Member

    Hi If You Have not sorted it try this Hold vol up+home+power buttons all together and hopefully that should do it
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