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Samsung Galaxy S v HTC Desire. Which?

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  1. bigapple2

    bigapple2 Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 24, 2010
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    There are plenty of threads on this matter but most of them are at least a month or so out of date. I was wondering what the current general consensus between this two phones is.

    I know about the generic comparisons - ie, the super AMOLED of the Galaxy S is excellent, and the Desire's Sense UI is very nice. However overall these comparisons have done little to differentiate the phones; perhaps I am looking for something deeper?

    Samsung is said to poorly support their phones w.r.t. software and firmware updates. However, the Galaxy S is considered to be their 'flagship' phone, suggesting that they will be willing to support this phone for longer. The hardware behind the Galaxy S will last longer than the Desire assuming it gets the needed support.

    The Desire is a true-and-tested phone that has been around since the beginning of the year. It is obviously a grand favourite, and HTC seem to have a reputation of continuously supporting their phones, with Froyo promised in Q3 this year. People also seem to prefer Sense UI over TouchWiz. However, the phone's hardware is a little older, and with the Desire HD touted to come out in October, will it continue to receive the software/firmware support it needs from HTC?

    Looking at the subforums for the Desire and the Galaxy S, it is clear that the Desire subforum is a lot more active with people discussing roots, new applications, etc. The Galaxy S's subforum seems to be a lot smaller. However, the Samsung Galaxy S is still relatively new and therefore the community for it still needs time to grow.

    The phone I will get will have to last me two years at least, and though I do not need the latest software/firmware updates or hardware as soon as they are released, I still want a great experience that will continue to be excellent two years down the road.

    Sorry if this post seems a little rushed or messy.



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