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Samsung Galaxy S video call to PC (through wifi)Support

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  1. Hi Everyone! Maybe someone can help me. I am living in Europe and travelling quite often. So far when I was going abroed I have talked to my girlfriend using my notebook (wifi connection and using skype video call). Using the video call I was able to see her, talk to her and the other way around. Now as I bought my first smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S) I would like to do the same thing without taking my notebook to my travels.

    Is there any software which will allow me to have a video call from the phone to PC? I am asking about software which work on Android 2.1 and support front face camera on the phone, so I am able to see her (and she can see mee) while talking to her!

    I do not have Froyo as in my country there isn't original update yet. And I would rather wait for the official update.

    Thank you very much for the reply in advance!

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S
    Firmware: Eclaire (2.1)

  2. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    I believe that the best on is Tango. Second best is fring you can find both of these on the android market. Fring connects only to pc while tango can do video chat from smart phone to smart phone I personally am waiting for skype app to come out with video chat so I can video call all of the people on skype.
  3. Hi alextop30! Have you tried fring with video call?? I tried using fring with msn video call but I got the error: MSN Live does not support video calls. Same with calls.... However text messaging works well. :(
  4. aperali

    aperali New Member

    I dont think tango runs on pc. isnt is?

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