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Samsung galaxy S wont bootSupport

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  1. Jonathan1321

    Jonathan1321 New Member

    Ok My samsung recently started boot looping so i attempted to re-install via recovery menu sucess, after next reboot same issue.

    Recovery didnt work

    Attempted to restore to stock I9000XXJPU via oden, When begining would never complete, so ended process now i cant access recovery menu and I am stuck on what to do.

    When my problems started i was on a custom FW but that all i can remember

    Please helppppp

  2. sally5

    sally5 New Member

    Try installing CWM again. It usually works. Worked for mine when a similar thing happened.
  3. Jonathan1321

    Jonathan1321 New Member

    Ok im really stuck what do i do now? I have a CWM.IMG file How do i use it? All i can do is access the download screen on my phone.

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