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  1. loadedninja

    loadedninja New Member

    My carrier unlocked galaxy s 4g stopped ringing and I cant get it ring. I had a custom ringtone and at first it would randomly not work, but stayed working for most of the time. Now the calling ringtone and message notification wont work even after changing them to a stock ringtone.ive tried playing with the settings but without any results. basically my phone is only working in silent mode! How can I get it to work again without doing a factory reset and losing the carrier unlock? Someone please help!

  2. muzicman0

    muzicman0 Well-Known Member

    not sure, but I doubt a factory reset would re lock the phone. All it does is wipe the data partition.

  3. sleepymonkey79

    sleepymonkey79 New Member


    Did you ever figure out how to fix it?

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