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  1. Downlow23

    Downlow23 New Member

    Just got the phone and looking for any case recommendations or where to find them. I normally prefer the silicone style case. Will searching Amazon for them work? Also, will a case for an epic 4g touch work for the virgin mobile s2 4g? Sorry for the new questions, any and all help would be appreciated.

  2. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Hey there, I've got your thread moved over to the s2 4g's forum since that's the phone your inquiring about.

    After looking at how virgins s2 looks, an epic touch case should fit it without problem

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  3. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Yep! "Epic Touch 4G" is the best search term. Also, if the case indicates it's for the "AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2" it will not fit. The Sprint's Galaxy S2 is always "Epic Touch 4G" :)
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  4. MaRz0o

    MaRz0o Well-Known Member


    So for my Samsung Galaxy S2 4G, I ended up buying this case Trident AG-EPIC-BL Aegis Case with Screen Protector for Samsung SPH-D710 - 1 Pack - Carrying Case - Retail Packaging - Blue: Cell Phones & Accessories


    I like it. It was only $20, and it comes in different colors too. The black is silicone, and then the blue there is hard. It's a good case, plus it comes with a screen protector.
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  5. Krowbarr

    Krowbarr Well-Known Member

  6. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Nice cases, just helped make my mind up even :p

    Really wasn't wanting to spend $50 on a defender :/

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  7. BoogieTrain

    BoogieTrain Well-Known Member

    This thread has been helpful.

    For my white s2 I got a cimo sline tpu case and an apex hybrid case. The apex is ok. The cimo is very nice but it's just tpu. I got the otterbox commuter and im loving it. My main case now ill use the cimo to show my phone off from time to time

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  8. nimr0d82

    nimr0d82 Well-Known Member

    I ordered 2 different Apex hybrid cases. Both didn't have dust covers although the pictures had them. One is black on white, the other is white on black. Dan you Amazon! So after that, I just bought that blue Trident Aegis one. Great case!

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