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  1. Elijah2104

    Elijah2104 Member

    Hi, I have found that with my GSII the sound quality over A2DP is distorted. Via the headphone jack it's fine but not over A2DP.

    The Google code forum seems to suggest that the problem is with Android but this did not happen with my HTC Hero running Sense on Android 1.5 or 2.1.

    It's like my old HTC S710 with windows mobile 6.5. The A2DP on that was distorted also.

    Has anyone else come across this problem with the GSII or any other Android handset?

  2. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    When I run mine through my Sony Bluetooth music player in my car, I have to turn the handset volume down, then use my car stereo to adjust the volume up or down, the sound is very good after doing this, I also had to do the same with my HTC Desire. Also you may want to try different equalizer settings, I use Poweramp so there are lots of settings for this.
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  3. Elijah2104

    Elijah2104 Member

    Thank you I shall give that a try.
  4. steve1401

    steve1401 Well-Known Member

    You might find it's your header unit and not the phone. I have a Sony stereo and it enables me to adjust the base volume for each mode - Radio, CD player, bt connected phone, wired phone or mp3 and so on, so that when I flick between them I do not notice a large difference in volume.

    If the base volume is too high and you have to adjust the volume of your phone to a very low volume to compensate this may cause distortion. I have gone through each one so that when they are in use the volume does not need adjusting on the header unit.

    Personally I find the audio quality excellent over A2DP - better than my iPod which is notorious for poor sound quality.

    Another thing to consider is the quality of your mp3 rips. Mine are done to 320bit (160 per channel) and ripped as mp3 not iTunes default m4a (a modified mp3 to allow for itunes drm and other itunes specific stuff). Make sure levels are ok when ripping too...
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  5. Elijah2104

    Elijah2104 Member

    You know, you've just reminded me to check something and now I feel an utter tool. I've just tried the whole experience on my Jabra BT3030 and the sound quality is exactly how it should be, so it must be to do with the car head unit.

    I will have to test it more later on as ironically I've got a problem with my ears today.

    In the meantime, I don't know whether to be relieved that it's not the phone or peeved that it's the car stereo.

    Thanks for your help, I'll report back later.
  6. Elijah2104

    Elijah2104 Member

    Well now I can hear properly again it's still there over the BT3030 + Headphones but it's more subtle because I can't have it too loud. This add's weight to the work around mentioned by evohicks.

    All the MP3's are converted from FLAC to 128kb so I shall try converting to a higher quality and see if that improves anything in the car.
  7. Elijah2104

    Elijah2104 Member

    I must retract my earlier statement, I don't know why I thought it sounded ok through other bluetooth devices, such as my BT3030 because it doesn't. They all sound just as bad.

    I did read somewhere, and I'm afraid I can't remember where that is, that it is more to do with the drivers that Samsung uses. I'm now at 2.3.4 and it still sounds awful via bluetooth (and only bluetooth).
  8. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has bad sound quality.
  9. Elijah2104

    Elijah2104 Member

    I can now happily confirm that the ICS update to 4.0.3 has fixed the bluetooth sound and now it sounds just as good as it does wired.
  10. But, do you experience any bad quality when playing music on the speaker?
  11. Elijah2104

    Elijah2104 Member

    None that I've noticed. I've been very happy with it.
  12. Chuckee

    Chuckee Member

    Thanks for this info! This has been driving me nuts since I got the phone. I have a Samsung Tab 10.1 that sounds perfect over A2DP on my car so I knew it had to do with the SGSII.
    I have the Canadian version of the AT&T Skyrocket. I hope the ICS update fixes mine too.
  13. Elijah2104

    Elijah2104 Member

    It would be interesting to know if it does or doesn't. Would you mind posting it here?
  14. Elijah2104

    Elijah2104 Member

    And just as quickly 4.0.4 screwed it up again. Is there anyway to go back to 4.0.3?
  15. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    Weird that because with 4.0.3 I couldn't get the Bluetooth to last more than 2 songs then my phone crashed, but now on 4.0.4 it's fine again.
  16. Elijah2104

    Elijah2104 Member

    They must have rolled something back then. Interesting because I didn't get that behaviour with 4.0.3

    Is/was your phone locked to an operator?
  17. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    No, unlocked sim free.
  18. Elijah2104

    Elijah2104 Member

    Hmmm same here. Mine was bought SIM free.

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