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Samsung Galaxy S2 and Jawbone EraSupport

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  1. Akis

    Akis New Member

    Good evening yall.

    Bought a Jawbone Era as one of the best headsets around.I updated to latest firmware and when i connect it to my Samsung Galaxy S2 unbranded with firmware 2.3.4 the sound is muffled.The music is hmmm ok but the incoming call voice is really muffled.So i pair it with my old HTC Tytn II the sound was amazing.Now i pair a lot of bluetooth headsets with my phone everything was working perfect never had a complain its just only this.I did a hard reset to both my phone and headset but the results was the same.My phone is not rooted or using any custom rom.Any help?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Akis

    Akis New Member

    Anyone at least know if quality can increased or bluetooth is gonna get better at later versions like 2.3.6?

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