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Samsung Galaxy S2 battery issue

  1. joshuadj22

    joshuadj22 New Member

    Ok not sure if anyone has heard of this issue but let me explain. My OEM battery works perfectly, i purchased a 3500 and a 1800 batery from ebay. Those batteries work perfectly... that is until you want to charge the phone, it will go into a boot loop and keep rebooting itself. I sent this video to the people i bought the batteries from: watch?v=OLeIL6OxV9U (im new so it wont let me post the address, just add the youtube website /watch?v=OLeIL6OxV9U)

    it does this no matter which charger i use. Yes, i know most people would say only use OEM batteries.... but ive read a lot of people who have success with these batteries.... Is there something on my AT&T version that is preventing e from using the non-OEM? Is there a setting i can use? Any help would be awesome

  2. NoChute94

    NoChute94 New Member

    I ordered 2x 2000 mAh GTmax batteries and the EVO dock for mine. With the OEM battery everything the dock and everything works properly when i use one of the GTmax batteries i get the same error with the phone not booting.
    If you find a fix please post.
  3. NoChute94

    NoChute94 New Member


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