Samsung Galaxy S2 Battery Life and Getting to Know Your PhoneTips

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  1. juzsamjose

    juzsamjose New Member

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Battery Life and Getting to Know Your Phone:)

    With Every New Cell Phone there will be a Period of time getting to know and understand your phone, we most likely use our phones a lot more during this process and getting to know and use our phones properly is a process, a step that we almost always want to skip, but never should. While we are going through this process we will use more battery power because we are using the phone more and learning all the ends and outs of our new phone. This can be easily understood we will be using the phone more in the beginning, we are learning and may not be using it properly everyone will not get the same gas mileage even if they drive the same car we all drive differently and maybe this can be said about how we use our phone so do not expect the same as everyone else, but you should be close.

    As we increased our knowledge and learn how to better use our phone, this will enable us to really enjoy our phone and even conserve battery life and still enjoy the many features our phone has to offer. Just do not skip the first step, taking the time to know and understand your phone, before you say Dead on Arrival!

    Just like a New Car for example we need a period of Break-in, so take your Samsung Galaxy S2 out for a Spend to learn and to see what she can really do, then let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy S2 Again, take the time this is a New Phone.

    If you need Use at Your on Risk:
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    Last Words, I feel the Samsung Galaxy S2 is One of the Best Phones “Currently” on the Market, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is not Perfect we all know there will be improvements to this phone and newer and better phone will be out in the future, you know the next bigger and best thing. At this moment in time I feel the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the biggest and best thing, if you agree I say , Get out to a store near you now or go on-line (when the price is right) and take one out for a spend, enjoy your ride and the Samsung Galaxy S2.
    Remember Stay in touch and be informed with the Forum!

    PS: I am still waiting for my Test Spend, No Good Release Date for the Samsung Galaxy S2 in US as of this Posting!

  2. elektrobix

    elektrobix Well-Known Member

    My battery started draining at an alarming rate tonight for no reason whatsoever. I've installed no apps in weeks and i have hardly any widgets, haven't changed a thing about the phone for ages and yet this battery drain seems to have come from nowhere. The phone is also heating up quite a lot.

    I had this problem a while ago as well. When it works properly it's a great phone but my phone is too important to me in my work for it to drain flat within hours so i'll be switching to iphone/berry soon. I know they're nowhere near as customisable but i've found that i've had nowhere near the amount of device problems with them as i have with every android phone i've ever owned :/
  3. juzsamjose

    juzsamjose New Member

    If you are having those kinds of problems with your phone (any phone) you must take it back, just hope when I get my phone I do not have the same problems, I will be checking my phone when I get one. Most Important is having a Reliable Phone that works, and has Good Battery Life, Thanks for your Update!
  4. BCwrangler

    BCwrangler Member

    When I got my phone I had no data plan at all for the first two weeks so I shut all the data off, also no blue tooth or wifi. Where I work is quite a ways from the tower so i presume that the phone is maxed out too keep service. I could charge it on a Sunday night and with occasional phone calls and texts, it would last until Wednesday night before it needed a charge. Now with data(no auto sync) and bluetooth on it's getting charged every night.
  5. Nightly

    Nightly New Member

    Ok I just broke open the package containing the very lightly used (10 minutes they said) Samsung Tmobile Galaxy S II phone purchased from eBay for $450, plugged it in and turned it on. Was able to sync up to my wifi, sync up my Google account and started playing around with the Settings menu. Immediately got the battery warning messages telling me in no uncertain terms that the world was about to end even though the little picture showed the battery was charging. Alright, I admit I turned the auto screen brightness off and turned the manual brightness setting up to 60% and a few other things I don't remember. Suddenly the phone went black and does not respond to any amount of button pushing. What scares me is that the phone was plugged in and charging all the time I was fiddling with it and now just sits there, plugged in, but not showing any signs of life. Not even a red light. I popped the back off and reseated the battery but that didn't change anything.

    So here's my question - should I worry or should I just leave the thing alone and let it charge? How long before I should expect to see signs of life?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't happen. When it is charging, does the battery level go up? Can try to use a pal with the same phone, and use his battery just in case the battery you have is defective.

    If your phone can't even turn on, and trying to reset it does not work, then just get a replacement. If its a defective battery, get a replacement anyway :p

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