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  1. kajstring24

    kajstring24 Member

    Hello all,

    My phone seems to have developed a strange battery drain problem. Sometimes, I have to restart my phone as it can lose signal and not return without restart. When it starts up again, the battery has drained to around 15%, when before the restart it was on 50%-60%. The last time this happened, the charge even started to go up!

    Has anyone experienced this before? I know the simple solution is to not restart my phone, but when it loses signal it's easier to restart to get it going again. I did have an issue several weeks ago where it wouldn't charge, but I uninstalled an app and it was fine.

    Can anyone shed any light on the issue? Any solutions?

  2. Yeh, I get that problem as well.
  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    First and foremost, try re-calibrating the battery, using the method described here. This will sort out the automatic fuel gauge chip in the phone if it has gone, "out-of-whack".

    Allow 2 or 3 charge and drain cycles and see if the problem persists.
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  4. kajstring24

    kajstring24 Member

    Thanks, have given it a try so will hopefully iron out any issues.
  5. ellisconoley

    ellisconoley New Member

    I was prompted by Kies SW to upgrade to ICS Saturday 29th. Upgrade went without issue except the battery problem above appeared. Twice phone completely discharged. No apparent apps running and dropped from 1/2 charge to zip (smells of calibration). I did leave home with a fully charged? battery and it was dead in an hour. Went to ATT store, who examined phone and apps and replaced battery. Placed on charger til phone said 100%......and the new battery discharged in 6 hours.
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  6. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  7. jessicasage

    jessicasage New Member

    what app was it that you uninstalled? mine suddenly wont charge, idk if its the battery, the charger, or the port where the charger plugs in. course, with my phone dead, i wouldnt be able to uninstall any apps, but still. sigh.
  8. klb10

    klb10 New Member

    This sounds exactly like what's happening with my phone. It only charges if I plug the charger on whilst switched off and then switch it back on. It always shows as 96% and then gets to 100% in a minute or so. To then get the correct battery life I have to switch the phone off and on again and it shows at 80 odd %. Will a new battery fix this?
  9. jamie2k

    jamie2k New Member

    Hi, my phone has a strange problem, it charges fine when plugged in but not switched on, but when i turn it on it gets to the home page the it switches of and resets itself, so i dont know if it is the battery or what?

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