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    My father has a Samsung Galaxy S2 with the stock GB, and un-rooted. The phone has been working flawlessly, but lately (since about 2-3 days) it begun to using a crazy amount of data.

    He normally uses about 300 mb per month, but now the phone is using about 20-30 mb per hour IN STANDBY.

    Also he notices that the battery is lasting about half of the previous time, which is consistent with a long running process.

    He doesn

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    just found this (solution??) somewhere else, but it seems to apply when you have OS upgraded to the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)
    Maybe this is the problem ??


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    HELP: After ICS Update Android OS Killing Battery!
    I've been noticing my battery draining pretty fast. I've had the phone just over a month and days when I'm at work all day, maybe do some surfing on my lunch or breaks, but nothing to excessive and my battery is down to like 35% when I get home. Before I was going under Settings->Battery and I noticed "Screen" was the number one offender for draining my battery. Which makes sense, it's a bright display and powering it takes a lot of juice. I don't know if it's coincidence or not, however, it's when I started noticing it after installing ICS. Now "Android OS" has replaced it at the top, by a LOT. Here is a list of my top five, any ideas?
    Android OS: 58%
    Screen: 18%
    Cell Standby: 10%
    Phone Idle: 7%
    Android System: 2%
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    PHONE: Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch
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    What you are experiencing is very common when an ICS update from Gingerbread is carried out WITHOUT a factory reset and clear cache (preferably before and after ICS update).
    The reason appears to be that without a factory reset and clear cache, remnants of the Gingerbread firmware cause problems as you are experiencing.
    Unless you use Odin to update, you cannot go back to Gingerbread and start again, so I would advise going into Recovery Menu by:
    Press and hold Volume Up + Home Button + Power button until in the blue writing of the Recovery Screen.
    Here you can Clear Cache and Factory reset.

    WARNING: Factory reset will remove your apps, data and contacts (your photo's will be ok)
    So connect to Kies and carry out a back up.
    Also in settings, make sure you tick Backup and Reset (this is to Google servers and does a good job after the reset in getting your phone back.

    After that run your phone until it switches itself off.
    Charge with phone off to 100%
    Run until phone turns itself off once more and fully charge as before.
    This will reset your charging chip so that you get a full charge.
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    Thread moved into the Samsung Galaxy 2 section so it would gain more attention by S2 users in the community. Hope that helps!
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