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  1. androidlovers

    androidlovers Member

    samsung galaxy s2, first i turned it on and entered my lock pattern and the screen kept going black, then i tried quite a few times and got the same response, then i removed battery for a while and pressed volume down and power button with battery removed and turned it back on and the s symbol kept glowing and it just froze on there. i tried turning it on after the battery had been out for 2-3 days and it froze on the s sign again, what shall i do? any solutions?
    if anyone has an idea or solution or has some expertise views please do contact me and ask me for more detail if needed, it would be much appreciated as i need a anser urgently

  2. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    You might try a hard factory reset. Which version of the S2 do you have?

    Samsung Galaxy S2 - Hard reset ( - YouTube

    On the AT&T version, you use the vol up and vol down + power, so it's important to know which version you have.

    Because the Galaxy S2 classification covers different models from different carriers, the forums have been split so not to cause any confusion.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 (AT&T) - Android Forums
    Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) - Android Forums
    Samsung Galaxy S2 (Sprint) - Android Forums
    Samsung Galaxy S2 (International) - Android Forums

    The people with the same model are best equipped to help you.
  3. androidlovers

    androidlovers Member

    i cant do hard factory reset as i have pictures etc in my phone which i dont want to lose, and im not sure i think its the international i have no idea? any other suggestions?
  4. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Theoretically, a hard reset won't erase files on the SD partition. Theoretically. Make sure you do NOT format or clear data and go right to wipe user data/factory reset. When it says "wipe user data" what it's referring to is registration data, apps and settings in the system partition, not personal files on an SD card/partition.

    I am sure you've tried plugging your phone using the usb cable and you can't access your files, right? If you don't have your important photos and files backed up, you may have to risk it if you can't boot beyond the splash screen.
  5. androidlovers

    androidlovers Member

    yeah ive tried connecting it, but ive got some good news and bad;basically it turned on and i entered my pattern lock and contantly force close boxes appear! i cannot access anything. and if i press force close everytime more and more boxes appear and i cant go on anything, help? are there any solutions, or can i somehow connect my phone to the computer because i need to backup my things incase anything worse happens to the phone. and if i can get everything off then i will do factory reset and hopefully everything would be finee
  6. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Galaxy phones are set to connect to Kies by default, so even with the screen locked you may be able to use Kies to get your files off. If you haven't installed Kies already, go get the appropriate version to your model from Samsung's website. Install it and then plug in your phone with the lockscreen on. It should install the drivers and get you access to your phone.
  7. androidlovers

    androidlovers Member

    i will try that now, because i downloaded kies before onto my computer but the phone just wasnt coming up, however i'll try once more with the lock screen on :)

    i have no idea what i did to get all these responses, the phone has been acting very wierd lately, and now i can just about get it to turn on waiting for ages, and then these force close diologue boxes randomly appear!
  8. androidlovers

    androidlovers Member

    i have tried connecting it but it just says connecting with that little thing turning next to it when i open kies :/
    and on kies it just said device not respndning try rebooting the device , does that just mean turn it on and back off again?
  9. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Yeah, but given your description of what's happening, I am not hopeful that it will work. In any case, with kies open, and the phone plugged in, shut the phone off and and then turn it on.

    From your description of the force closes, it sounds like either core elements of the launcher (TouchWiz = twlauncher) or the Android OS itself have been damaged somehow. I think the hard reset may be the only solution if the above is unsuccessful. :(
  10. androidlovers

    androidlovers Member

    ohh noo!!! i hope it workss because i need my pictures and musiccc.... greatt stuff :( but i wonder how the software thingy was damaged?
    im sure there must be some way i can access my filess??
  11. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Could be anything. Interrupting a memory read/write at the wrong time by pulling the battery, deleting the wrong file with root privileges, or even a little static discharge can greatly affect an electronic device.

    I think everyone has an "oh no" catastrophe that teaches them the necessity of regular backups of data you don't want to lose. I once lost a great deal of irreplaceable pictures when a hard disk failed and have since made multiple backup copies of everything, including making sure I have backups off-site in case of fire. I never want to go through that again.

    Good luck.
  12. androidlovers

    androidlovers Member

    i so get how you feel, it is devastating losing pictures you can never get back i should have got them printed before... gosh i cant believe how many things i will lose it is actually unbelievable i cant get over it!! is there a way to reset the phone without losing files?
  13. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    As I stated previously, THEORETICALLY a hard reset should not delete user files stored on the SD partition, but there have been reports of resets reformatting the entire memory system. I am going to move this thread to the SGS2 Intl. forum so maybe someone will be able to tell you for certain.
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  14. wanewon

    wanewon Member

    I had two galaxy s2s. Both of them have the screen going blank/won't turn on on them once. They were both on and I could hear the volume going up and down when I press the volume rockers. So I just took the batteries out.

    So I did some searching online and found out that some people are experiencing as well. This doesnt happen often. Actually just once each on both of my S2s.

    Anyway, this kinda bothers me because tend to think there is something wrong with my phone.

    And was it okay that I removed the battery when the phone was still on?

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