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Samsung Galaxy S2 Bluetooth ProblemsSupport

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  1. gzkbbx

    gzkbbx New Member

    I have recently moved to an Android Phone Galaxy s2 and everything is OK with the exception of Bluetooth it works with a standalone Garmin sat Nav but cannot hold signal on a BMW Production Fitted unit. The problem appears to be that after about 120 seconds the Samsung stops auto polling the BMW unit prompting a message reactivate phone.

    My ancient Nokia had no problems so is there a fix or a better app

  2. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    I have heard this problem mentiond before about BMW`s and the S2

    just do goggle search.
  3. gzkbbx

    gzkbbx New Member

    I have discussed the lack of support for android phones by BMW with the UK branch and have been told that all support for phones is done in Germany.

    So one must assume that the Android market in Germany is in their view only minor. They seem to be still tied to one of the older players in the mobile market who was once very dominant.

    I was wondering if an app writer could simulate say a nokia bluetooth which I understand is a very old implementation
  4. vijayakkp

    vijayakkp New Member

    I think the problem is not with your BMW. I have Indian made car fitted with bluetooth system, my old dell streak( Android) and also Iphone was working fine, but my new S2 siezs to work :(
  5. studyaid

    studyaid New Member

    I have a Hyundai Genesis, I had no problems connecting and staying connected with my Galaxy Vibrant. I recently upgraded to the S2, and have the bluetooth randomly dropping connection where the only way to get it back is to reboot the phone, then it will stay connected for a while and drop again.
  6. cuerdley1989

    cuerdley1989 New Member

    My S2 stays connected to the system on my Honda CRV, but cant transfer my contacts from S2 to the Honda system! Any ideas?
    Had no problems with my old Nokia E-72.
  7. yasou

    yasou New Member

    I have the same identical problem connecting AND holding connection with my Jaguar, I did everything possible to fix the issue but it won't! .. thinking about returning it! ... I never have a problem with my old blackberry nor with my girlfriend's iPhone.
  8. Memesamps

    Memesamps New Member

    Help, I just bought the 2012 Honda Civic and a new Galazy s2 phone and I have the same problem with the phone and the car. It always disconnects and reconnects over and over. Now I cannot even turn the bluetooth on on the phone. I already turned in the galaxy s2 but the new one does the same thing.
  9. Morat

    Morat Well-Known Member

    Strange, mine works really well with a Blaupunkt after market stereo.
  10. novablue

    novablue New Member

    I am having the same problem with my 2011 Honda Odyssey. My new S2 pairs up and connects but then drops the link after a minute or so. It continues to cycle itself connecting and then dropping the link until I just turn it off. Completely useless.
  11. anchi

    anchi New Member

    Same here: my new S2 drops its connection to my 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer. :confused:
  12. shizane101

    shizane101 Active Member

    My problem with my t-mobile galaxy s2 is that 50 percent of the time it won't auto connect to my factory stereo on my 2004 Acura TL. I'm certain it's not the stereo. My Nexus One worked flawlessly with it.

    What's really frustrating, is when it doesn't auto connect, I usually can't force the connection. In fact, when I try to turn bluetooth off and back on, it won't turn back on! I have to reboot the phone to get everything to work... Errrr!!! All this messing around with the phone while I'm driving defeats one of the main reasons for bluetooth... safety. :mad:

    I really hate this. Everything else on my phone works great, but having a good bluetooth connection in my car is probably the most important feature on a phone that I need to work.
  13. shizane101

    shizane101 Active Member

    Oh yeah, one more thing... like others, my BT connection will often drop about 60 seconds after it connects.

    I really hope this is something Samsung is aware of and can fix with an update.
  14. pamela35601

    pamela35601 New Member

    I have a 2012 Honda Civic and the bluetooth will not connect to my Samsung Galaxy. I repeatedly get the message "connection failed."
  15. HaggisLad47

    HaggisLad47 New Member

    My wife and I purchased two of these phones on December 10th/11 at a FutureShop. I drive a 2012 Audi TT and she drives a 2007 Honda Civic. I have had the exact same problems as you with the connect/ disconnect. My wife's problems with her car is that she can receive incoming calls but cannot make any outgoing calls with the hands free system. The one problem we both share is that if you are talking to someone regardless if you are driving or sitting in your chair at home there sometimes is a dead spot for about 3-4 seconds where the person you are talking to can't hear you and assume you have hung up on them. I spoke with Audi about all of these issues and they told me that Audi deals mainly with Apple (Iphones) I tried my buddy's IPHONE 4S and there were no problems at all. When I spoke to FutureShop about this the sales rep said that they have been experiencing problematic feedback with people that own high end cars (Lexus, BMW, Audi etc) Doesn't explain my wife's car (sorry Honda) She has not experienced the connect/disconnect problems but the phone is useless to her if you can't call out while driving. The other problem my wife doesn't like about this phone is that if someone texts or phones her and she misses the call, there is no beep to notify her that she missed a call/text. I like the phone's features but if I can't pair it to the cars then I am returning them. Does anyone know of any smartphones that pair well with Hondas? My wife's Bluetooth (Frickin hate Bluetooth) was not factory but it is a Honda Bluetooth system. Any help would be greatly appreciated:eek:
  16. Powerhawks

    Powerhawks New Member

    I had the same issue with my Odyssey-2012 Touring

    My Samsung Galaxy S2, always connect then disconnect few second after, then reconnect, etc.

    I like everything about that phone, but the Bluetooth not working in my car, is something I cannot accept from a phone! this is the most important things I need with my phone! In my country, it's illegal to drive and talk to the phone without a Bluetooth!

    Update: After a lot of reading and research, I finally find something that work for me. It's not perfect because I need to do those step every time I restart my phone...But at least it works.

    1) Go to Settings>Applications>Running Services
    2) Then Stop the service "BluetoothPbapService"
    3) The Bluetooth is now supposed to work until you close your phone or the bluetooth.

    Hope it will work for you
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  17. eomdroid

    eomdroid New Member

    Powerhawks, thx for the research. This does seem to work. For all viewing, it's safe to say that this is not a car specific problem. In my 2010 Acura MDX, my bluetooth disconnects after 120 secs of placing a call.

    Now that someone's figured out a solution, is it out of the question to think that just maybe samsung will retrace this problem and release a fix at least for a problem that seems so widespread? Other than this "not so minor" minor issue, the phone is great.

    Is this problem addressed in the rumored firmware upgrade for the s2?
  18. aelshinnawy

    aelshinnawy Member

    I have the same issue of connect/disconnect wit my Peugeot 307sw 2008. I can find the
    BluetoothPbapService service in either running nor the cached services.
    Any help will be appreciated
  19. lloydtaffy69

    lloydtaffy69 New Member

    I have the same problem with my BMW can't connect no bluetoothpbapservicw ??? help
  20. Gurba

    Gurba Well-Known Member

    I have no BT problems with my S2 vs Peugeot with original BT but my phone won't connect to the BT on my PC with Win7 64-bit. Apparently it's a Win7 issue.
  21. flycaster

    flycaster New Member

    I was having the same issues with my 2011 Ford Fusions SYNC with factory Nav. After scouring the web for two days I was getting ready to return my Galaxy S2 LTE. I was unable to find any help at all (just lots of complaints) until I read your thread. I tried your suggestion and it worked perfectly. I had migrated from an iphone 3gs which also worked perfectly with Fords Sync and was considering an iphone 4s, but after using the Galaxy S2 for a few days I was ready to delete itunes. Forever.
    Thanks to you, now I can.
    This is a great phone.
  22. poitmal

    poitmal New Member

    Thank you.
    Works well...do try
  23. Cobrapc

    Cobrapc New Member

    It's not your cars ladies and gentlemen, it's your phone. I have a set of Motorola bluetooth headphones that I know function normally, (with my very much missed iPhone,) but as soon as I put my Galaxy in my pocket it drops the headphones. Pull it out, push play and it plays until the phone goes back into my pocket.
    I believe the Galaxy S II has a very weak Bluetooth signal, very weak!
    I didn't read far into the forum as no one was offering any fixes, just issues.
    I'll cross my fingers and hope I'm not stuck with this piece of crap for another year, 11 months, and 11 days.
  24. rdvscan

    rdvscan New Member

  25. sprockets

    sprockets New Member

    Hey I have the exact problem of you I just bought the 2012 Honda civic EX-L and I have my Samsung Galaxy S2 connect and disconnect all the time...did you finally found a way to connect your Bluetooth properly and to resolve this problem...need you feedback ASAP...best regard


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