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samsung galaxy s2 call quality issueSupport

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  1. suresh_tpsk

    suresh_tpsk New Member

    i have a call quality issue in my new SGS2. the other side person cannot ablw to hear my voice clearly ans also they are saying that thier was is echoed back to them when they speak. ichecked my mic using voice record. its pucca.i dont know whats the problem? any one have suggestions?:confused:

  2. android1115

    android1115 New Member

    I just got my Galaxy S2 and call quality is muffled too. What could be the problem? I love the phone and I hope this can be addressed.. please help.
  3. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    Are you using any type of case that is covering the mic?
  4. andromatix

    andromatix Well-Known Member

    can't say that I'm having this problem...mind you, Samsung is not known for having the best call quality, through my own experience Moto has that title...but it's definitely clear enough to understand... won't be the worst you've, and won't be the best...comparable to Apple....the case dilemma is a good suggestion...i've seen it before
  5. android1115

    android1115 New Member

    I'm not using any case and I'm holding it properly (without covering the mouthpiece at the bottom). I tried the voice recorder and video recorder and same as @suresh_tpsk, the voice is really weak even at level 12 volume. I'm still hoping that this can be resolved without me bringing this to the service center.
  6. vtax

    vtax Well-Known Member

    network issues maybe?
  7. android1115

    android1115 New Member

    For the call to be weak, yes, it could be a network issue. But for the audio/video recorder to be weak, it could be hardware. I tested this by recording my voice and playing it back - and came out to be very weak. I'm still hoping it's not.
  8. duffer01

    duffer01 New Member

    Hi all,

    Ive had this problem too. Seems to centre around use of ANY type of case. Im using the stock samsung one which doesnt impede the microphone, but it still seems to cause the problem.

    Various online suggestions Ive found/tried as follows:

    - remove case (worked for me although not satisfactory long term solution)

    - turn off usb debugging (not tried this yet)

    - reduce in call volume to 2/3 or 1/2 (seemed to work although not long term solution as far as Im concerned)

    - turn off noise cancelling (havent tried this yet)

    - await an update to sort it (hardly a great suggestion)

    From reading other forums, none of these are fail safe and work for everyone. They might be worth trying though.

    Im on o2 and as phones brand new Im swapping it and hoping that the next one i get mightn't suffer from the problem and not all seem to.
  9. markt_10350

    markt_10350 New Member

    Hi there,

    I had the same problem also. But manage to solve it for good. Initial I was told that the casing could be the cause. After removal of the protective rubber casing it help a bit. There was echo also but it was solve by turning off/on the noise reduction button during a call. But even after doing that others still told me that they could barely hear my voice and it sound muffled or distant.

    If using the voice recorder and your sound is weak. It due to the microphone not assembled properly. Something has block the sound intake hole. Took mine to the service center and they fixed it back for me within the day and everything is good now. Even with the case on. It still sound clear.

    Mark T
  10. forkless

    forkless New Member

    I have a similar issue with the call being muffled on handset mode. When I switch to handsfree mode though it is crystal clear.

    Can any of you who have this issue confirm this (on stock f/w too)?

    Kernel version
    ficeto@beast #SuperCore_1.7

    Build number
    DarkyROM2 XXKH3 Base R2
  11. tunbayo2002

    tunbayo2002 New Member

    My S2 is about 4months old. in the last two days people could not hear me during call on handset mode except i switch to speaker mode. i have performed factory reset but not helpful. can anyone help?
  12. craigrac

    craigrac New Member

    my 4 month old galaxy s2 has started with poor call quality, people not hearing me properly, took it to my local t-mobile shop on sat and they have sent it for repair,could be up to 2 weeks, will let you know if it's fixed when it comes back.
  13. pankbaj

    pankbaj New Member

    Hi, i am using a three monh old samsun galaxy s with 2.3 version. i am having the same problem of poor voice quality for tje receiver. i have had a software reset done at the samsung authorised centre yesterday but he problem persist...any solutions?
  14. pilotair

    pilotair Member


    Anyone had this sorted lately??

    I have the same problem with Voice calls in handset mode, but speaker mode ok. The problem started a couple of months ago and last month have sent it back from it camefrom (Samsung Service Centre (UK) where it spent a month. Along with camera problem. - Camera has been fixed although with another known middle RED spot issue.

    Basically the voice fault persists and when asked what has been done they said a software update!! Unbelievable:mad::mad::mad::mad: it was already sent with the latest version so basically they did nothing to solve this because when I placed my first call the other person instantly told me the quality is very bad. So probably they didnt bother to test the handset well :(:(

    I also tried disabling the Noice Reduction function with NO luck :(
    I love this phone but I cannot use it for its purpose !!

    Current version is 2.3.4
    BaseBand I9100XXKI1
  15. jeshin

    jeshin New Member

    Others can here me very well but i am facing prob of low voice of person talkin to me.... pls help...
  16. sadladone

    sadladone New Member

    hi Guys.
    after getting a s2 and being constantly told by my friends who i called that they could hardly hear me, muffled voice etc, i decided to trawl the various android forums etc to try find solutions to this problem. i tried altering the handset volume via the service code method, removing the gel case, cutting the gel case around the microphone area disabling the noise reduction in call, nothing worked for me. i did see then a suggestion , and i cant remember where it was, to modify the holes for the case round the mike areas at the top and bottom of the phone. i decided the phone was no good as it was and if i knackered it up, it was throw away time, so please BE WARNED... THIS MAY DAMAGE THE PHONE ALTOGETHER... but it did work for me.
    some have said to just clean out the very small holes with a needle, but i decided to use a very small hss drill bit, screwed by hand to make the hole slightly bigger, i only screwed the bit in a little at a time,it doesnt go in very far, a couple of mms at the most,and then clean out the debris very carefully with a pin, again without pushing the pin into the mike, just cleanin the case area.
    people can hear me alot better now, but this is a mod that worked for me, and i have to say it requires a great deal of care or microphone damage will result and render the phone useless so try at your own risk. i was prepared to bin the phone if it didnt work, and only just let the drill bit a few mms into the case and then cleaned it out VERY CAREFULLY. Obviousley i did it with the phone powered down and PLEASE IF YOU TRY THIS DONT BLAME ME IF YOUR PHONE IS DAMAGED IRREPAIRABLY! BE CAREFUL. But it did work for me..
  17. pilotair

    pilotair Member

    Just a small update..

    Have sent my handset over to Samsung Service centre (Overseas), after weeks waiting for the device (Not samsung's fault) they released and sent it back through a retail company.

    Upon switching it ON and made the first call the problem remains !!!:mad::mad:

    I was told that they performed a software update but of course probably they did nothing to ensure that the problem has been solved... Or it hasn't been diagnosed by their engineers. But for sure they should know by now that it is a design problem because after some months of use, users report this fault.

    So I ask for possible refund since still under warranty...but according to their policy, a replacement will be given after it has been checked 3times...i.e. Sending the handset with the same fault 3times !!! So same might be for a refund... It's ridiculous..:mad:

    It's a very Powerful phone and love it...but ..
    POOR service...very poor service !! Will NOT buy a Samsung again...
  18. bob01000

    bob01000 Active Member

    I didn't return the Galaxy because of this (bluetooth defiency was the reason) but people I called would say, "your new phone sounds bad dude!"

    I'd say really? It supposed to be a premiere phone! They said the voice (mine) sounded digitized and would fade in and out sometime. I chalked this up to the noise reduction of the samsung and tried to shut it off. It didn't make a change that off or on. The did, however, sound great to me. But they all said my digitized voice became annoying.

    I read they keep cutting the amount of bandwidth your voice can use lower and lower to get more people and data on the waves but people voice sounds worse than on old analog cells from 12 years ago. In Europe they are pushing better sound from the phones...here? we worry about how fast we surf and not how well it functions as an actual phone.

    I'm back to the blackberry for now and everyone says it a AWESOME sounding voice. I want back to android if OS 4.0 fixes everything....

    Am considering a Widows phone--heard 7.5 is ODDLY pretty impressive and easy to use. Blackberry does certain things PERFECT! Voice, texting, email, full image backup but you canNOT surf worth a darn on a BB. Need to move on but need an OS that covers the basics of a smart phone and oddly android moved on to mutlimedia before covering the basics of smart phone;)....

    oh, I bought mine at bestbuy mobile division of the big electronics store and used it a full month before I sent it back. They have a 30 return policy on phones and TV,stereo etc. The cell phone companies only give you 2 weeks. I needed the 30 to find all the flaws...glad I did.
  19. aston4

    aston4 Member

    I dumped Samsung and replaced with a Motorola RAZR which has excellent outgoing voice quality - problem solved!
  20. pilotair

    pilotair Member

    After trying various methods including Mic assembly replacement just found out that a piece of rubber that is actually sitting on the mic was causing an obstruction, resulting in loss of voice quality.

    I attached a photo of the actual part that I have removed and so far it has been restored.
    This must be purely a design problem !

    gd luck to all.

    Attached Files:

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  21. guitarplayer16

    guitarplayer16 Active Member

    I'll keep it in mind if I ever come across this problem - thanks!
  22. led hed

    led hed Active Member

    this issue is well known to some phones. seems the internal mics/speakers aren't isolated as best they can be.

    mine is fine, no ehoes.
  23. SGS2Fan

    SGS2Fan New Member

    Can you please explain in a little detail how did you take this part out? Do you have to open the phone up or just removed the back cover and there it was!!
    Many thanks.
  24. rokld

    rokld New Member

    Pilotair you are a genius.
    I have removed the rubber also and the voice quality improved dramatically.
    How I did:
    - remove the back cover
    - remove the battery
    - unscrew 6-7 little screws around the edge and the center of the phone
    - Here is the tricky part: with a little flat screw driver you have to lift the edge of the phone little by little until it separate from the metallic frame.
    - then you will see the rubber piece close to the mic: remove and reassemble by pressing back carefully the 2 pieces

    Be careful of not damaging "too much" the frame.
    I was ready to trash the phone, but now actually it works as a phone.
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  25. pilotair

    pilotair Member

    Apologies for not mentioning, yes you need to dismantle the phone as ROKLD mentioned but instead of using a flat screw driver, i recommend using a special hard flat plastic, normally sent with a new mobile screen replacement from ebay. (it's like a hard guitar pick). Since a screwdriver could damage the ribbon cables and you dont want that!

    Further more I moved to XILA3 Official rom, Kernel: XILA2, Baseband: XWKI1. Where the previous version of GB also led to some call quality issues in my case. So far this one has been the best so far.

    Good luck!
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