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Samsung Galaxy S2 Coming to VM in November 2012!

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  1. optimisticgurl

    optimisticgurl Well-Known Member

    I just had an online chat with VM customer service and they confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is coming this November 2012! I'm excited, now I can upgrade from my Motorola Triumph:eek:

  2. imabitfighty

    imabitfighty Well-Known Member

    at what price


    also, bet you a tenner its 3G only
  3. Izzard

    Izzard Well-Known Member

  4. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    Regardless of whether it is 3G/4G, I think the addition of the S2 would be great. Not as great as the S3, mind you, but still great. ;)

    And hardware wise? Except for the similar screen resolution, there's no contest between the S2 & the MT- S2 FTW!!!
  5. GregoryJ

    GregoryJ Member

    I will believe it when it's announced.

    They do have it available in other countries though...but of course VM in other countries isn't owned by Sprint.
  6. optimisticgurl

    optimisticgurl Well-Known Member

    They didn't say what the price is going to be, it was just an online chat I had with customer service because I really want the S2 but I don't want to switch my plan to Boost Mobile in order to get it I wanna stay on Virgin. Anyway they confirmed its coming in November and will be on 4G WIMAX which is exciting news being that the S2 is the most sophisticated phone out for prepaid plan service. Be on the lookout for an official announcement coming out in the next few weeks head. I'm getting tired of my Triumph, its time for an upgrade:)
  7. optimisticgurl

    optimisticgurl Well-Known Member

    I totally agree;)
  8. aurora40

    aurora40 Well-Known Member

    That's about the same as the guy working the cell phone department at Wal-Mart telling you they are getting the S2. Maybe they will, but that guy doesn't know anything you don't.
  9. ShadyBusiness

    ShadyBusiness Well-Known Member

    Yes, well said. There have been stories of virgin mobile customer service confirming gingerbread updates. I don't think they know much about stuff like that but they'll tell you what you want to hear. When I see something more official from VM i'll believe it. though, It's always good to be optimistic I suppose.
  10. shiv81

    shiv81 Well-Known Member

    Also agreed. I need to know from a valid source before I believe it. VM employees could make this up for all I know.
  11. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

    Not to troll, but in my opinion the Evo 3D is better anyway and we already have that.

    Compared to the Galaxy SII it has:
    A faster processor
    Higher Res screen
    Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

    Now if the Galaxy S III came to Virgin, that would be another story lol.
  12. imabitfighty

    imabitfighty Well-Known Member

    yeah and the screen size difference is almost insignificant. like how the EVO was 0.2 inches bigger than the triumphs screen but is still smaller width-wise
  13. mllk

    mllk Active Member

    I hope this is true and I hope they will have the cyber monday sale like they had last year.
  14. Cataulin

    Cataulin Well-Known Member

    Samsung Galaxy Reverb™

    Is now on the VM site. Is this the GII? Im not gonna lie. I love my Triumph but I will move up to a better phone if the price is right.
  15. imabitfighty

    imabitfighty Well-Known Member


    the galaxy Reverb has a 4 inch 480x800 screen, a snapdragon S2 MSM8655 (same as triumph)

    the Galaxy Reverb is basically a triumph.... same cpu, SLIGHTLY more ram but not enough to matter. its got android 4 but with that touchwiz crap. not pure android.

    if you already got a triumph its not much different than the reverb. unless you REALLY love samsungs name, but considering its just a mid range phone I'm willing to be they licensed a standard mid range handset and just threw the samsung logo on it, like motorola did with the triumph.

    thats why we are seeing sooo many mid range phones come out running the s2 snapdragon from the triumph, all with the same size screens and ram and just running different software.


    on second thought. a 1.4GHz single core phone was a SUPER GREAT phone at one time, there was a time where all those specs were at the high end of the market.

    just becuase dual core phones exist now doesnt make these ones BAD.

    if you want a smartphone these will do VERY well. i dont think they will be AS future proofed as dual cores but there not gunna let you down in day to day use.
  16. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    Would be cool if they gave us the current Galaxy Nexus as our first LTE phone when the new Nexus' gets released. I'd get it.
  17. mistichunter

    mistichunter Well-Known Member

    cataulin its on vm canada website not on vm usa. total diferrent company they only use the same name.
  18. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    If I'm not mistaken, those customer service reps are the same company contracted by Sprint to answer customer service calls. They don't actually work at VM/Sprint. Take what they tell you with a grain of salt, and believe what you read from the official press releases from either Sprint or Virgin Mobile USA.
  19. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    If I'm not mistaken, call centers by Sprint are run by Alorica.

    People in those call centers are designed to "always tell the customer what they want to hear."

    From my experience working in one (I didn't last long, I always told the customer the truth,) they will tell lies, just so you keep your plan/contract/buying their items.

    If the S2 does come, cool! But I'm happy with my Evo 3D.
  20. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    They barely speak English. You sure their call center is located in the US? I was with VM USA for years and seldom was able to understand what they were trying to say over the phone. I think only once did I get someone who I understood completely.
  21. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    There are a few locations. They have some in the DR, Texas, and other places.
  22. mistichunter

    mistichunter Well-Known Member

    one of there locations for sprint is in san antonio texas. its a call center that takes calls for cricket sprint t mobile virgin mobile and metropcs
  23. optimisticgurl

    optimisticgurl Well-Known Member

    Correction...I know this is not a reliable source but I literally just got off the phone with customer service and asked again if the galaxy s2 is coming to vm and he corrected me by saying "it's not the s2 that's coming, its the Samsung Galaxy S3 that's coming on November 30th just in time for the holidays" He also said the announcement will be on their website within a week or two. If this is true then OMG!!!:D
  24. Android fan#1

    Android fan#1 Well-Known Member

    How Much?
  25. metsfan99

    metsfan99 Well-Known Member

    That would be awesome, if it's true. But, it will probably cost $500-600 or more.

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