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Samsung Galaxy S2 Echos with case onSupport

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  1. system243trd

    system243trd New Member


    I have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S2 and a case for this on ebay. However when I make calls when the case is fitted the other caller hears their own voice echoing. I bought the case off ebay and it seems fairly decent - nothing is blocked so I don't know why its echoing when the case is on. Are their any fixes out there?



  2. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    Tell the person noting the echo to clean his or her ear canals.
  3. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Well-Known Member

    It os a mic problem, hopefully fixed with fw, I dont get people complain about it as often now but im not convinced.....people could just be expecting it and not bothering to tell me!
  4. markt_10350

    markt_10350 New Member

    Hi Ben,

    I had the same problem.

    1. The Echo that you hear can be solved using the Noise reduction button during a called. Press the lower left hand corner of the screen and the noise reduction button will be on the bottom right side.
    2. Another test you may want to try if people you are calling cannot hear you clearly.
    You can use the voice recording program and record your voice and listen to it. i\If its still very soft the problem should be the microphone in you handset. Brought mine to the service center and was told that some rubber has blocked the sound intake hole and it was an easy fix got my phone back on the same day. Everything is good now.

    Mark T
  5. cuteseal

    cuteseal Member

    Just note that there are holes for the mic both at the top and bottom of the unit - maybe one of them is covered?
  6. AlexGrahamBell

    AlexGrahamBell New Member


    Similar to Ben's thread above. I bought a nice case for my Samsung Galaxy S2 from a private seller on Play.com which looks absolutely great (and yes has all the holes in the relevant places!!) but everyone I call claims to hear their voice echo on each call until I take the case off and its then clear! Hardly coincidental I think! the case is described as 'Unbreakable Super Hydro TPU Gel Case' just in case it makes a difference. Any ideas guys as its a lovely case?....


  7. system243trd

    system243trd New Member

    Hi Martin,

    I bought exactly the same case and had the same problem. I ended up buying a Bareley there case from amazon for
  8. davehalo1

    davehalo1 Member

  9. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

  10. rossstewart

    rossstewart New Member

    Can confirm tonight that this issue has been solved....... Done so by many test calls to the wife with SG2 in various states.

    1. Remove you case and there is no echo
    2. Cut larger holes around mic holes and this lessens the echo
    3. Turn noise reduction off and there is no echo....

    So it appears the combination of the case and NR creates the echo effect... Now I don't want to remove my case but also don't want to have to turn NR off every time I get or make a call, can anyone tell me how to make NR off the default setting.

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  11. SplashAlice

    SplashAlice New Member

    did you ever find out how to make nr off the default? xx
  12. g4btn

    g4btn New Member

    I agree with SplashAlice. The problem seems to be that the small hole in the top of the case for the noise reduction mike somehow amplifies noise from the speaker and feeds it back into the mike to cause the caller to hear an echo. This can be shown clearly by testing first with the cover completely on and then with the cover folded back from the NR mike when the echo disappears. Another test is to place a finger over the NR mike case hole when again the echo disappears. My solution is to cut a very small piece of cloth to cover the NR mike - held in place by the case; although I will probably put a dab of silicon on it when I next remove the cover to be sure it cannot slip. This completely removes the echo. Probably the same result would be achieved by a piece of tape over the NR mike, but this would disable the NR system completely and the cloth muffle achieves removal of the echo without disabling the NR system. This solution is cheap, simple, tidy and entirely reversible. But does it work for others?!!!
  13. stevenvdd

    stevenvdd New Member

    I tried to tape it (btw my case(s) do not cover the NR) but it did not help. it is not NR (i have 2.3.5)
  14. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, I know this is going to be a lengthy post but do please read on and feel free to post your thoughts.

    Here's the story... I have had my Galaxy S II for 4 weeks now and every phone call I have made & received has been problematic. Everybody I spoke to was complaining about poor quality, an echo to be more specific, they reported their own voice was being echoed back but the call is always fine on my end. What this means is the call is almost impossible to hear for the other person and they end up calling me back on another phone, its driving me mad and it really is a big issue so I decided to get it exchanged with the company I got it from (Dial-A-Phone). I only arranged the exchange today so I have to wait 3 - 5 days for the bag to arrive to post it back in.

    In the meantime I was looking online to see if anyone else had this problem and I came across THIS thread here on AndroidForums. So it looks like it's not just me its actually a lot of people and seems like it's most Galaxy S II's! It's only a VERY SMALL number of people not affected! Reading the posts on the thread its clear to see that the problem only exists when a case is on the phone and that is exactly what I have been finding (I have a CaseMate Gelli).

    So this is now making me think exchanging it will be pointless as the new unit will most likely be exactly the same... I did some more looking around and was pretty shocked to find how many people have this issue. I simply searched Google for "Samsung Galaxy S2 call echo" and there are a lot of results, they are all the same issue just on different forums and posted by many different people.

    So my options are as follows: Not use a case which I don't want to do because I want to protect this expensive phone, take it out of the case everytime I get a phone call but that is not practical in any way! people have also said to turn off Noise Reduction when a call connects but again I don't want to have to hit "Menu" > "NR" everytime I answer or place a call! Other people say that putting tape over the Noise Reduction mic and cutting bigger mic holes in the cases makes the problem better... But once again I should NOT have to do this! I should be able to use the phone with all functions normally with a case as protection, especially as this is one of the best phones of the year, costs about
  15. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  16. daemolition

    daemolition Active Member

    I use the "case mate barely there" and I've never had this issue before. Call quality is fine. Guess Im lucky.
  17. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    I have had no complaints on my SG2 and in fact compliments that it sounds better than my 4S. I have only heard an echo one time in the months of use and it was because I was out in the woods with zero bars.

    There might be some having a problem but not the majority as your post seems to indicate.
  18. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    My favorite case. It adds no bulk to my phone and protects it from the everyday scratches.
  19. seanzo

    seanzo Member

    So, this is a case problem rather than a 'major' Galaxy S2 issue?

    Easy answer - don't use a case.
  20. GG1

    GG1 Well-Known Member

    Over a month with a case and no call/echo issues. None!
    I bought my case from my carrier and if not mistaken, seems identical to a barely there case.
  21. Medion

    Medion Well-Known Member

    I've used two different SGS2 models over the past 3 weeks - Latin America and UK unlocked GT-I9100s. Neither had this issue. If this were truly an issue that affected "most" users as you claim, then there would have been major headlines and a recall. Clearly, this is one of the more common defects, but based on the thread, a <1% affected rate would be an educated guess.
  22. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    The OP is admitting it is the case.

    Samsung can not be held responsible for cases that are interfering with their hardware.
  23. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    exactly, they can't do anything about it because its a 3rd party accessory, i called them and they said its a known problem but they can't do anything about it because the device on its own is fine. but i want to use a case because i dont want my phone getting scratched etc...
  24. steslatt

    steslatt Well-Known Member

    Use a case that does not cause this problem?
  25. skimminstones

    skimminstones Well-Known Member

    lol so the same thread on here and xda gets the same responses. Hardly anyone has the issue, even less so when you think how many GS2s have been sold worldwide. I hardly think this is a major issue with the phone.

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