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  1. Sammy the Crab

    Sammy the Crab New Member

    Hi everyone, Ive copied my itunes libary to my phone using doubletwist, this seemed the best option as Im a mac user, the trouble is all my music is stored on the USB drive which doesnt have enough space and my libary is incomplete, is there any way I can move it all to the Sd card or wipe the USB storage then re transfer so it stores on the SD card?.

  2. SCPadgeebar

    SCPadgeebar Well-Known Member

    One question, how did you copy your iTunes Library using doubleTwist? o.o
  3. Sammy the Crab

    Sammy the Crab New Member

    I installed doubletwist on my mac and downloaded the app from Google Play for my phone, the libary wasn't showing up in doubletwist at first, I would just click it and nothing would happen, it just somehow appeared there though, the only thing I did try was closing doubletwist, then opening itunes and re opening doubletwist and trying again, don't know if this is any help but worth a try?.
  4. daysineuropa79

    daysineuropa79 Well-Known Member

    just new to the s2 here and I had similar problem -when the phone was plugged into pc it was being recognised as a camera -no sign of the sd card
    After extensive googling I found out how to do it with out installing kies software , settings > wireless and network >usb utilities -connect storage to pc then plug in to pc , the sd card showed up and I was able to drag and drop the music ,hope this helps a bit

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