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Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS email issueSupport

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  1. jadziab

    jadziab Member

    New to Android. I have new (one month of torture) Samsung Galaxy S2 from T-Mobile. It came w/ Gingerbread. I went to Kies, where it had me upload ICS. Ever since I have had e mail problems. I have deleted and re installed my e mail, recovered to factory and tried evrything that T-Mobile tech told me to do. I keep getting "connection error", it takes very long to open e mail. I get e mail that was deleted a month ago as new, not read, so I have 50-90 e mails each time I look. It will send me the same "notification of e mail" for 2-3 hrs every 15 min., even after that e mail was deleted. I got the IMAP settings from the email server, and they were confirmed. Samsung told me "there is no known problem" w/ ICS. I beg to differ. Other than trying to get it back to Gingerbread (found on this site and a little too complicated for me) any ideas?

  2. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    Ahhh yet another unsatisfied soul with ICS. As far as I am understanding this correctly you have set up a non Gmail account in the IMAP category?

    So what I would suggest is going into the accounts and sync tab and take a look at the account there - usually if there is any kind of error it would display it there as a sync error. Are there any of those? Next seems like you have covered all basis with the factory resets and removing data. The only thing I suggest is to jump back to gingerbread.

    It is not actually hard at all. Atmazzz wrote a step by step guide which I will include a link to below and just download the 2 files and patch them. What you need is Odin and the gingerbread stock rom. The procedure after is simply going to be shut down the phone. Press volume up and down - and while holding them plug the usb cable in which is plugged into the computer on the other side. Keep holding the buttons until the screen appears then release them and just press volume up - that puts phone in download. After that is 3 clicks into Odin.

    The method was made to be easy so that everyone can obtain root access and flash roms (just take a deep breath and don't worry about it!)

    Here is the link to the guide just follow it and you should be all fine - currently gingerbread seems to be the most stable and functional hopefully our phones get the major ICS update that Google gave the Galaxy Nexus so that we can enjoy bugfree goodness.

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  3. jadziab

    jadziab Member

    Thank you Alex. I did see the post from Atmazzz and quite frankly it brings me back to my first semester of advanced calculus where I had that befuddled feeling for weeks.

    Please explain so I can make sense.

    So when I go to applications; settings; accounts and sync my 2 non gmail accts set up in IMAP should be listed there? All that is listed in T-MobileLife contacts and Gmail acct. Should I just "add account"? If yes than why did the techs at T-Moron not tell me that during my 20 hrs on the phone with them? Geeeesh! If thats not it I have ??? about Atmazzz's instructions, but if I don't need to go there yet....

    Thank you, thankyou, ty!
  4. jadziab

    jadziab Member

    I finally got the T-Morons to admit there may be a problem with their ice cream. My e mail is totally messed up. They tell me use K-9, then they tell me that won't change anything. Meanwhile I'm stuck. they said they will contact their engineers. I am hesitant to root because that voids the warranty, and I don't need an expensive paper weight.
  5. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    My thoughts on rooting is that it is incredibly easy and it is incredibly safe. This statement is reserved only if you remain on stock rom with stock kernel. For everything else you make your own choices but there is a chance of getting 200 dollar paper weight.

    As for stock rom with just CWM recovery and root it is 100 percent safe and you can unroot any time you would like very simple too so there is very very very low chance of turning it into paper weight. If you have something that you would like to do with root just do it - I have never looked back.
  6. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    As for the email and the instructions - What I wanted you to look at was under the accounts and sync whether there are any of "!" sign across the syncing arrows. I have had this happen when my phone is not finding internet and it cannot sync my mail correctly. As far as IMAP function and email being put in the wrong places or stuff appearing badly if there is some internal code problem there is nothing that could be done except simply moving to a different client. Very very disappointing but not much that I can do since code is simply not a very strong feature of mine.

    For getting gingerbread back - I am currently working on making an instructional video on how to do that step by step so hopefully by wednesday I will have picked a screen capture program and would have started and be done. I hope to have it all done an on youtube by friday but don't quote me on that because lately I seem to be moving at some oddly slow pace with my personal life!!!! Traveling a lot for work which makes me really not want to do anything.

    Hopefully this helps a little!!!!

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