Samsung galaxy s2 lte frequent crashes forcing reboot or battery removalSupport

  1. kenthiessen

    kenthiessen New Member

    Every so often throughout the day my galaxy s2 lte (skyrocket) will randomly crash. Sometimes the power button seems to not respond either so I have to take the battery out. Sometimes it freezes first, then shuts off after a couple seconds. It doesn't seem to be related to a certain app either, neither is it time wise. Sometimes itll crash five times a day, sometimes zero. I dont think I can still return my phone to rogers, but will an update fix it?

  2. buffaloparty

    buffaloparty Active Member

    I would definitely take the phone back. These are not normal issues with this phone.
  3. kz121

    kz121 New Member

    Curious, my skyrocket does the same thing... constantly crashing/locking up... I updated it to the latest ics release and have kept all the 3rd party launched off the phone or UNinstalled them shortly after install when I realized it wasn't going matter any... is there a way to write it and start over without rooting it? I mean like the way I used to have to do every 6 moo with Windows before I switched to Mac? Sure would be nice... I got mine used and not sure how Att will support me on this issue... between the crashes and the ridiculous lack of battery life I'm almost missing my iPhone - almost... still better then drinking that can cool aid... just wish it was as flawless as my Sony s tablet which is what convinced me to move my phone to the droid platform...
  4. Fulcrum29

    Fulcrum29 Member

    Mine does the exact same thing. Also from Rogers. I have been selectively removing apps one at a time to see if I can get to the bottom of the issue but to no avail yet. I'm worried the cause could be one of the stupid Rogers apps that I can't remove without Rooting the phone.
    Will keep you posted

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