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  1. AmgedIsmail

    AmgedIsmail Well-Known Member

    Can I transfer any MP3 song to Samsung Galaxy s2 via USB and then use it as my ringtone?


  2. Breeg

    Breeg Member

    Easiest way i found was to connect the phone usb, click on computer icon on your pc. Find your phone open the phone up, if you have a folder called ringtones place the mp3 in there. Then goto your phone click on settings/ Sound/ Phone Ringtone then search for the MP3 you want to set and set it.
  3. led hed

    led hed Active Member

    long press a song, options appear.
  4. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Of course you can :D

    1) Transferring via USB (most stable method IMHO)
    Tap menu/settings/wireless & network/USB utilities/ and connect via USB storage. Follow the screen instructions. You only connect the USB cable after you tap the icon.
    At this point your PC will read your phone as a thumbdrive. You will see an external harddisk in My Computer or two harddisk if you have a microSD card.

    2) Placing the music
    You can create folders in the microSD or the USB phone memory. It can be called music, audio or anything. But I suggest you create a folder called RINGTONES. The reason for this is when you select a ringtone next time, instead of browsing for music, you can choose "Phone" and the particular ringtone will appear.
    Also, I use an app to actually cut up songs to use as ringtones. The actual song I placed in a folder called "music", and the part of the song that I want to use as a ringtone is placed in the "ringtones" folder.
    Just so you know, the same principle applies for "Notifications".

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  5. AmgedIsmail

    AmgedIsmail Well-Known Member

    But I heard that iPhone, you can't transfer and use your own transferred music as a ringtone. Is that right?
  6. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    I am assuming you are talking about music you download through itunes that have copyright protection. I know there are restrictions against transferring those files and it ha nothing to do with the phone. There are ways to sync like through 3rd party apps. Heard isync is one.

    If you are asking about bypassing copyright restrictions, I believe the forums does not allow discussions on that. That said, you can use other apps to download songs instead of just relying on Apple.

    If you are specifically asking about iPhone, you might be in the wrong place. If ios does not allow music to be set as ringtones, I am sure it can once jail broken. Although I believe it can since it would be terrible if it can't.

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