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Samsung Galaxy S2 on BoostGeneral

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  1. limited

    limited Well-Known Member

    Now that boostmobile officially has the Samsung Galaxy S2 on their website, I'm wondering if this will be the forums for it. This phone ships stock with ICS, I've been reading on these forums that sprint released the ICS update for the Epic 4g and people have had nothing but problems. Does anyone know if these phones are identical now, or is the S2 from Boost a different model? I believe they're the same but what do I know? I'm thinking about getting this phone next but I'm a little hesitant if ICS is having a lot of issues.

  2. nut4692000

    nut4692000 New Member

    The phone is up on the Boost site but it is not available to buy as of 12:51pm EST, Thur. 9/6. If anyone has been able to purchase it yet please let me know.
  3. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    I've had ICS for quite a while on my phone and never had any issues with it.
  4. limited

    limited Well-Known Member

    I probably shouldn't have said "nothing but problems" in my first post, but I did notice a lot of people reporting battery drain issues and some GPS issues etc etc. Did your battery life suffer at all after the ICS update?
  5. limited

    limited Well-Known Member

    I can add it to my shopping cart on their website, I'm assuming it would let me buy it if I tried. I'm still undecided on though, I'll probably wait for a bit to see how the phone does before I decide to buy.
  6. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    My phone has been working great. My "update" was a leaked ICS build long before it became official. OTA or leaked I think everyone should always do a factory reset right away THEN install apps.

    It *may* be the reason why I didnt experience any issues. Just finished unofficial ungrading to Jelly Bean and again. no issues.
  7. Firewill10

    Firewill10 Well-Known Member

    My mom has the phone and came from sprint already updated. She loves it with no problems. Btw my boost one ordered and b here tomorrow by 3pm
  8. midmike64

    midmike64 Member

    I bought one today at a local store. No problems so far.
  9. SelfElevated2

    SelfElevated2 Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to inform everyone we now have a forum dedicated for Samsung galaxy s2 (boost mobile). Let's get it populated and anyone with information on root or working roms plz populate the atr thread and get our dev community into motion
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  10. suffolk

    suffolk Active Member

    HelloI just flashed the newest Jellybean 4.1.1 Alphpa 6 to my phone, everything works great, loaded GoMMSpro and reset the mms manually to
    http://mm.myboostmobile.com like I have always done,and Notta

    I have tried everything !!! anyone have any thing new for me ?????

    HELP :confused::confused:

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