Samsung Galaxy s2 reception issue!

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  1. punkwendyhouse

    punkwendyhouse New Member

    Hi there I would be grateful for any help! Firstly my phone had a USB port issue-so I bought a new part and installed it. When I switched it back on, there was limited or no reception. So, I bought a new antenna cable and installed joy! The wi-fi is fine it's just the phone reception. I literally use it as a tablet and nothing else! I am pretty computer savvy and i have replaced parts in computers and i was careful replacing parts in my phone. If anyone has any idea of what I can do to make my phone work again i will be so happy!
    Many Thanks


  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi Charlie and welcome to the forums. :ciao:

    So you mean you get like Edge data speeds everywhere or you can't get calls or what?

    Have you tried a factory reset to see if that changes anything?
  3. punkwendyhouse

    punkwendyhouse New Member

    tried everything....even flashed my phone. tried new firmware. barely have any reception
  4. beachbum41

    beachbum41 Active Member

    Try a different radio Like UVLG3 that's the note radio and it boosted my signal too three bars from no bars.

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