Samsung Galaxy S2 screen problem

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  1. hledsam

    hledsam New Member


    I turned my Galaxy S2 on after being off for a few hours to find that the screen was not functioning at all. The phone still works, the buttons respond, but the screen does not display anything. The screen isnt completely black. When turned on, it displays thousands of colored dots, giving it a sparkly rainbow effect. The phone was working properly and hasnt touched water or been dropped. The phone's network is T-Mobile. I've had it for three weeks.

    If anyone has some answers or have experienced something similar, I'd really appreciate any help.

    Thank You!


  2. gmorkly

    gmorkly New Member

    :confused::confused:Hi I also have the same problem my phone suddenly went blank displaying thousands of Colored dots...Im confused does anyone hace any Solution???:mad:


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