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Samsung Galaxy S2, T989 T-Mobile SIM unlock Help.Support

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  1. citezenx

    citezenx New Member

    Samsung Galaxy S2, T989 T-Mobile,build UVKID.
    Got rooted, no problem, since Sim unlock failed,
    trying Galaxy S Unlock, but have " You have Busybox problem"
    Reinstalled few times from 2 different packs, no result.
    Please look into it.
    Thank you.

  2. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    You can't use an app to unlock it...yet
  3. ahautographs

    ahautographs Member

    Can someone tell me what "rooted is/means? Is it like unlocking or jailbreaking an iPhone? that is all that I asm used to and I am so stoked on this new galaxy i want to learn everything about it. Makes the iphone 4 obsolete and I LOVED my Iphone 4 until i tried this phone.
  4. cavifl45

    cavifl45 New Member

    Yes, it is the equivalent of Jailbreak an Iphone.
  5. rault18

    rault18 Well-Known Member

    I requested it from tmobile..they will give it to you without a problem
  6. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    Yes, T-Mo is pretty good with unlock codes. Even if you are in contract (providing you are in good standing), I know someone who called and said he was going to Europe and didn't want to get killed on calls, they gave him an unlock code. I always get unlock codes for my old phones as well, alwas a swift reply. Just call up and be nice, they'll usually always take care of you.

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