Samsung Galaxy S2 text message problems...

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  1. lacman

    lacman New Member

    I have since day one been having issues with my Samsung Galaxy S2 text messaging. Most of the time when I have a conversation all of the other persons text messages will be at the top while mine are all at the bottom, normally it should be one after each other.....whenever it acts weird i notice the time on my messages is correct while the other persons messages will show the incorrect time.....I have changed the time and nothing changes...HELP!!

  2. Tatilove

    Tatilove New Member

    Hi! I've bheen using my new Samsung Galaxy S2 for 2 days now with Fido. First I want to tell you that the problem is not with android, it is with the service provider. All you have to do to fix it is download this app called "SMS Time Fix", I got it from some other forum a couple hours ago and it fixed the problem right away.
    After you download it, every message you receive will be in the right order and will have the right time.
    Good luck!
  3. jon3s

    jon3s New Member

    try turning your time to automatic. did the trick for me

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