Samsung galaxy s2 wallpaper and lock screen

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  1. yhamomartinez

    yhamomartinez New Member

    Hi.. My first time to post on this site ..hope you can help me,,

    I have a samsung galaxy s 2 phone....i have a problem because when i change my home screen wallpaper it automatically change the lock screen too...

    How can i change the settings not to change both...pplease help...

  2. Danny_Boy82

    Danny_Boy82 Well-Known Member

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  3. KTZ811

    KTZ811 New Member

    I just got an SGS2 and mine works just fine. You may want to reset the entire phone and try again.
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  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Just go to the settings under display. Usually the wallpaper for lockscreen is defaulted to "none", so it copies the homescreen wallpaper.
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  5. yhamomartinez

    yhamomartinez New Member

    Thanx for the reply i want to format it but it will deleted all the apps that already save their...
  6. yhamomartinez

    yhamomartinez New Member

    If i reset my phone it will erase all the data their..
  7. Mada

    Mada Well-Known Member

    By default, you cannot have a different home screen wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper. (at least that's the way it is on my Galaxy 1)

    While I have never used this particular application, if the person claims you can have two different wallpapers, then you might want to take a look at it, if spending money is worth it.

    Rooting is another alternative for the solution, but requires much much more knowledge.
  8. MJC UK

    MJC UK Well-Known Member

    Widget locker is brilliant. You can choose a seperate wallpaper, add widgets, apps or short cuts plus a wealth of unlock sliders
  9. Mada

    Mada Well-Known Member

    That sounds nice but I want no part of my phone accessible before the lock screen, as I use the pattern lock.
  10. meme405

    meme405 Well-Known Member

    You can make it force you to enter the pattern lock before it shortcuts you to that application.

    This is a great application, any thing you can think of doing with it or anything you dont want to be done with it can be changed.
  11. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You can also disable interactions for widgets on widget locker so touching them wont open anything.

    You can also put in an invisible slider. LOL.
  12. Sierra255

    Sierra255 Well-Known Member

    I know you can change the lock screen background and the background for home screen on a stock Galaxy S2. I have one. Go to Settings -> Display -> Screen Display. From there you can choose which wallpaper you want for each.

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