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  1. sharpyr

    sharpyr New Member


    I have had my Samsung Galaxy S2 more than a year now, without any wifi problems. A couple of days ago the wifi stopped working on it.

    When I tap the wifi button it lights up for a few seconds then turns off again. When I try to connect through 'wifi Settings' it says it is turning on, then scanning, but after a while it does not find any networks and automatically turns wifi off again. None of my previous networks connected to are shown either. I have 2 networks I have recently connected to, and neither of these are detected by my phone.
    They are both shared networks so am not able to reset routers etc. No one else using these networks has had any drama and can still connect fine.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  2. mukeshvariya

    mukeshvariya New Member

    Hello There,

    I am using the Samsung S2 I9100 and tries almost all the solutions like rebooting, update the firmware using kies samsung software, but none of these works.

    When I click on wifi button, it enables for 2 seconds and than turn off.

    I dont know how to solve this issue.

  3. sharpyr

    sharpyr New Member


    That sounds like the same problem I was having. In the end to fix it I had to take my phone to the Samsung service centre and get a replacement main Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Hope this helps fix yours too.

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