Samsung Galaxy S2 Wifi problem

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  1. manoabraham

    manoabraham New Member

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 Phone few days ago. But from my home network i can't access the wifi connection. My Laptop and iPhone are working fine with this wifi connection with the password. But when I tried to connect S2 it's showing

    Obtaining IP Address


    Remembered, Secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK


    Disabled Secured with WPA/ WPA2 PSK

    Never connected to wifi.

    I will be grateful if anyone can tell me the step by step methods to connect this wifi. Thank you.

  2. dcash

    dcash New Member

    i have this problem also - it was working fine for the first couple of weeks but has stopped now. have you found a solution by any chance?
  3. Flaviu

    Flaviu Well-Known Member

    Have you tried connecting your phone to another wifi connection excepting your home?
  4. kopite72

    kopite72 Well-Known Member

    Mine had the same problems last week. Would not connect to my office wifi. Turned off wifi then reconnected it still no joy. It worked fine on home wifi. My ipad worked on the work wifi all the time. Then suddenly it started working again today on my office wifi.. Not much help bit it may have been a slight glitch
  5. superfly87

    superfly87 New Member

    me too. it worked fine on the home wifi but after i connected with another wifi at a different place it has trouble connecting to the wifi at plzzzzz
  6. Tamborinegirl

    Tamborinegirl Member

    Like previous correspondents, I am unable to access my home WiFi. I have the GT-19100.
    It says I have an Authentication Problem and when I check the settings it says that the security is WPA PSK. I am not sure what my password is, although I have tried the one that was given to me when I got my modem.
    Under Advanced Options is has the IP settings as DHCP.
    As I expect you can tell, I am not very clued up with how to access the network. What I can say is that my Galaxy Tablet and wireless WiFi laptop have no trouble in accessing my home WiFi, so can't understand what the problem can be.
    Can anyone help me?
  7. twilighter

    twilighter Well-Known Member

    Having this issue as well. I cannot connect to wi-fi and 4g is acting up as well. My phone barely has a connection at all.

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