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  1. jidder35

    jidder35 New Member

    Hi all, I took delivery of my Galaxy S2 a week ago after being talked into taking it rather than the Iphone 4.
    Wonderful phone that just gets better each day I play with it apart from one thing........It will not connect or even recognise my Ford Mondeo factory fitted Bluetooth. It is a brand new Bluetooth module and connects easily to other phones including my friends Iphone 4. Ahhhhhhh!.
    Surely Samsung phones will work on probably one of the most popular makes of car.
    Please can someone advise as I don

  2. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Well-Known Member

    Mine connects to my Sony car stereo. Can your sgs2 connect to any other Bluetooth devices?
  3. pcbms

    pcbms Well-Known Member

    Mine connects to the bluetooth in my Ford kuga
  4. jidder35

    jidder35 New Member

    Hi ya
    yes it does connect with other bluetooth's (phones, laptop). So frustrating.
  5. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    I think you must be doing something wrong or there is something wrong. Does your SG2 "see" your Ford? Are you sure both are discoverable?

    I linked mine to my LX570 in only 20 seconds and it works without flaw.
  6. Louis2107

    Louis2107 New Member

    I'm experiencing similar problems with my factory build-in radio/nav/handsfreeset in my Hyundai iX20 full version.
    I am able to connect and phone via bluetooth but the phonebook is not displayed on the screen of the car so I have to dail manualy which does not improve safety.
    This is probably a software incompatiblity between android and the Hyundai software. According to my cardealer Hyundai will come up with an update somewhere in september. I guess that Ford will also have a patch for this very anoying problem.
  7. rwarwood

    rwarwood Member

    Just to re-hash an old thread, I am having the same problem on my Ford Audio in my Fiesta.

    My S2 sees the ford audio bluetooth conneciton, and the car recognises the attempt to connect, but on clicking connect in my phone, the car shows the message "Bonding Failed", and the S2 stays in a state saying "pairing" until I turn bluetooth off.

    Given that I can't change any settings on the car, and I have attempted to restart the phone, and attempted every possible sequence of the following steps:

    disable BT on phone
    disable BT on car
    Re-enable BT on Car
    re-enable BT on Phone

    is there anything else anyone can suggest?! Would Rooting my phone let me modify any of the settings that I wouldn't normally be able to see?
  8. Nightsabre

    Nightsabre Member

    Mine connects to my Mondeo/Sony with no problems.
  9. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    Mine is ok with my Sony Mex BT3900 in my 320d, although when I 1st connected it, you have to search on the stereo 1st, once thats done its sorted for good, it works flawlessly with the SGS2 and the audio streaming is excellent.
  10. rwarwood

    rwarwood Member

    I must have an older version of the bluetooth software on my car (56 plate Fiesta Freedom), as it the BT isn't branded (as far as i know) and there is no functionality to search from within the car itself. You must search for the car on the device you want to connect, and as stated above it simply doesn't connect.

    Really disappointed as it worked flawlessly on my Samsung i8510.
  11. rwarwood

    rwarwood Member

    Problem solved...
    I had too many phones in my car's memory. It can only remember 6 phones and i'd used them all.

    Turns out if you press the phone icon, to bring up the "Unavailable" display, then press the menu it will bring up the phone specific menu.

    If you then keep pressing the menu button you can flick through until you reach de-bond, and remove old phones that you no longer use.

    This free's up space for the new phone.
  12. WhoElse1

    WhoElse1 New Member

    That was it. I have an 07 ford focus (UK/Ireland model) with the CD6000 and bluetooth,and I just got the samsung galaxy s2. Exact same symptoms with Bonding Fail displayed and I was blaming the phone. Just had to follow your advice and unpair the previous owners phones and now it's working perfectly.

    I actually registered just to say thanks and to let any other ford users know this works.

    Note for US or newer ford owners, this is the old nokia blue tooth module before microsoft Sync was licensed by ford I think.
  13. butchyon

    butchyon Member

    Sure hope the new Verizon Samsung Nexus Whatever with ICS connects with my new 2012 Fiesta!!!!!!!
  14. Ageless Stranger

    Ageless Stranger Well-Known Member

    Those of you who have the sony mex radio: do you find the hands free calls produce bad echo for the person you are calling? I'm thinking of swapping mine for a parrot
  15. grand master

    grand master New Member

    I'm also having major issues with my car bluetooth, my iphone 3gs worked flawless.

    I can pair.
    The phone asks for my permission to use the phonebook and call history.
    I can make a call, then I'm unable to make another call from the unit.

    The display (on the stereo) says downloading call history for a few seconds then goes back the main screen, push to make a call and the same issue.

    My stereo is a Blaupunkt MP-68.
    If anyone has an answer then great otherwise I dont know what else i'm going to do, I dont want to buy another stereo or alternative BT device...
  16. keitha0907

    keitha0907 New Member

    My Galaxy S2 works fine as a phone in my Mondeo with Sony radio, but I have problems getting my phone media through the car system, both music and navigation, using Bluetooth. When I try to use the Aux in with Bluetooth activated on the phone, the music will not play, but keeps switching to pause. Anyone experienced this and solved it?
  17. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    I haven't had that to be honest, I have asked the Mrs what the line quality is like and she says ok. Also in some models of Sony Mex you can add a mic if the quality is not up to scratch.
  18. dbryn

    dbryn New Member

    I have the new Samsung Galaxy SII X (Canada - not sure what the US version is called). After I paired my 2011 Ford F250's BlueTooth, the Samsung Galaxy worked so long as the 'BlueTooth' on the phone was 'on' prior to starting the ignition of the truck. For whatever reason (2 months later), the truck no longer recognizes the Samsung Galaxy yet the Samsung Galaxy shows paired to the truck. My old LG Shine and my wife's Blackberry are paired and function perfectly. I suspect it's the phone. The truck currently only has 3 devices paired to it. My error message is "No Phone Detected". I can put the truck in 'search' mode to find new BT devices... and I can turn the Samsung Galaxy phone on to be 'visible' to a search. No luck... can anyone help?
  19. daveoji

    daveoji New Member

    Hi, I think people are getting radios mixed up.. if you have a brand new mondeo with a sony 6000cd dab radio fitted then you will not be able to upload your phonebook from a samsung galaxy, galaxy s2, and possibly the s3. I have just purchased a 2012 mondeo titanium x and it will not transfer the phonebook although you can use the bluetooth phone ok, I am told, though I have not tried it that if your galaxy is still running gingerbread software it might work but if your running Icecream sandwich then forget it, there is a newer software version out called jellybean, whether that will work I dont know yet.
    I have just spent 2 days at my main ford dealer who eventualy admitted defeat and could not make the phone book work.. the daft thing about it is I also have a parrot system in another vehicle and that works fine with the same phone (s2)
  20. Budgie

    Budgie New Member

    When you reach the required phone, which button do you press to debond

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