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Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Life Question- is it normal?Support

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  1. StefanS96

    StefanS96 New Member


    I just received my galaxy s3 not too soon ago. I've been using it for maybe three days now, but and have been noticing a few issues with the battery, and when comparative to my old I phone 4.

    I just took a three hour nap, and and the battery dropped by 7% in three hours. This is while power saving mode was enabled in the notification bar.

    I have wifi enabled, gps enabled (no apps requiring it however), and things that my Iphone also had available, and it would depend drop 0.5 to 1% every hour.

    Is this normal? I really hate to see my battery waste away like this. I calculated that when playing modern combat 4 , as intensive as it is, I would maybe get an hour to an hour 30 minutes off a 100% charge.

    Once again the question - is this normal?

    P. S. Loving android. Much better phone than apple garbage.


  2. Mark16q

    Mark16q Well-Known Member

    my reasonably new S3 now on for 8 hours, very light use, and down 19%. So 7% in 3 hours sounds a bit high but not ridiculous. Must be something running in background. Mine was plumetting when I got it and found the weather channel was the killer. Check the power usage and sure you'll find the culprit.
  3. Jan Shim

    Jan Shim Active Member

    Am running Jelly Bean and I have the following apps disabled if that helps:

    AllShare Play
    AllShare Service
    Google Search
    Weather Daemon
    Weather Widget
    Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! News

    Phone on 3G when I'm on the move and switch to Wi-Fi when at home and typical light duty includes Phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and occasional use of Camera. From full charge down to 10% charge, this normally lasts 1.5 days
  4. tuukka87

    tuukka87 Active Member

    I am also interested in the battery life. I have a nexus 4, and I am not thrilled with the battery life. In genreal, how many hours could I expect to get with moderate use ?
  5. akk23

    akk23 New Member

    You need to download the following two apps NQ Android Booster and DS Battery Saver. I know the stock ROM requires more battery then my AOKP rom but you should still be able to pull another 10 hours if you were to use the two apps I have mentioned on the top. Play around with the settings and see what battery times you get. One thing that drains the most battery is Facebook widget on the home screens try to not use widget that require constant sync and you will see great results. If not pm me ill tell you which ROM to use for better results.
  6. nigsy

    nigsy Well-Known Member

    :banghead: Another battery thread??
  7. ryancalif

    ryancalif Well-Known Member

    First, find the app or setting causing the drain. In your case it might be Google Maps, another program tracking your location, or Google Now.

    Second, get an extended battery - they help a lot! Went from 1.5 days on a charge to over 4 days now.

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