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Samsung Galaxy S3 bluetooth pairingGeneral

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  1. besteverthing

    besteverthing New Member

    Hi, my Galaxy S3 bluetooth can't even scan my Jabra BT2080 headset and also my itech bluetooth headset. The only thing that it can scan and appear on the bluetooth device list is my PC bluetooth. Shouldn't it be backward compatible with my old headset? If it can't even scan, I can't get it paired. Anyone facing the same issue or any advise? I need to get the headset paired as I'm on the move all the time. Please help...thanks.

  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Try rebooting the S3 and power cycling the Bluetooth device, then retry.
  3. besteverthing

    besteverthing New Member

    Hi jerofld,

    Same,no changes after rebooting and power cycling bluetooth devices.
  4. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    So you have the Jabra on, you set the Jabra for pairing, you go to the bluetooth menu on your phone, click scan for devices, and get nothing?
  5. besteverthing

    besteverthing New Member

    Yes, AntimonyER. Scan and nothing appear. Both of my headset doesn't appear. Do you think might have some bluetooth antenna problem?
  6. phillyphill39

    phillyphill39 Active Member

    Doubt it since it finds your computer. Are you sure the jabra is in pairing mode and not just on? It should be flashing blue/red or something that indicates it can found.
  7. besteverthing

    besteverthing New Member

    Even it is shown 'paired' on my S3 with my pc and ipad, it didn't really make any pairing as my ipad shown not connected and pc shown error connecting device. i think will have to send back for warranty.
  8. csudha84

    csudha84 New Member

    S3 does not detect my NOKIA headset also.
  9. riverson

    riverson New Member

    Same prob here. Have tried 3 different bluetooth earpieces, 2 Jabra and one Plantronics device. None are found in the scan. I've tried rebooting and removing the battery and restarting. Anyone else found a solution to this?
  10. Chestnut77

    Chestnut77 New Member

    I had the same problem and finally fixed it. Firstly, I turned off the Galaxy S3 and then turned it back on (as opposed to simply restarting it). Next, I held down the multi-purpose button on the Jabra bluetooth as the Samsung S3 scanned for devices. This should call up an audio menu on the bluetooth. There was no need to use this menu, however, because soon after it started, the bluetooth was displayed on my Samsung Galaxy S3 as a paired device. Now, it works!
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  11. Krissij1

    Krissij1 New Member

    My s3 says it is paired but my ipad shows its not connected i have had this problem since i have owned my phone despite it saying it is paired it will not let me send or recieve files via bloothtooth as any other device says it is not connected???
  12. xp50player

    xp50player New Member

    I have had my S3 for 2 weeks and my Sony DR-BT100CX headset/mic has never shown up in scans for bluetooth devices. I see 4-6 other devices in my office, but none of them are headsets, only laptops and phones. This headset works fine with my ipod touch. I tried the above instructions to get it to work, no dice. Also, Pandora has never worked on 3G with multiple uninstalls/installs.
  13. kauaigirl

    kauaigirl New Member

    i just got the S3 and can't pair my bluetooth either. I have a Plantronics Discovery 925 and on the plantronics pairing website, the S3 isn't even listed as one of the devices to pair with. am i stuck and have to get a new bluetooth device?
  14. Same here
  15. dekhke

    dekhke New Member

    I also have plantronics and it's working fine with iphone but not working with S3. Please provide the solution if its working for you. Thanks
  16. chetcobra

    chetcobra New Member

    My galaxy s3 is not pairing with my car Bluetooth - for Nissan Rogue 2011. Any one faced same issue & able to resolved ??
  17. newtoandroid99

    newtoandroid99 Well-Known Member

    I had that issue with my 2011 Murano, Do you have the new firmware on your phone? I did a factory reset and upgraded my firmware and now it works perfectly. You may just want to try your firmware, i am not sure if the factory reset is needed, I did that to fix crashes on my phone. But either way my phone works better then ever now and pairs when I start my car.
  18. dukebgd

    dukebgd Member

    I have 2 jabras, one that use in car (one ear) paired in 10sec.... other that use when hicking (stereo) never menaged to get working.... :(
  19. toddwess

    toddwess New Member

    Same issue. I have a 2012 E350 and a 2013 smart, and the phone was easily paired with both of them when I purchased the phone a week ago. Starting Tuesday, the phone will not connect to either car. Connected to both with no issues before, now, nothing.

    Software update from Samsung that caused this??

  20. toddwess

    toddwess New Member

  21. rewindrewind

    rewindrewind New Member

    I can pair with my car, but not my motorola headset. frustrating
  22. JS_racer

    JS_racer Member

    quite the contrast of vehicles, does the smart fit in the back of the van ?? :)
  23. hopalee

    hopalee Well-Known Member

    When I try to pair my phone with the truck radio, it asks me for the PIN but doesn't give me a place to put the PIN in. Anyone know a solution for this problem?
  24. Kafe

    Kafe New Member

    I spent ages with a couple of assistants in PC World trying to pair my Samsung Galaxy 3 with a Samsung portable keyboard. One of the assistant's iPhone paired immediately. My 'phone seemed to pick up other connections but not the Samsung keyboard, which you would think would be compatible. The assistants said they had had problems pairing the S3 with other devices.

    A day or so later I returned and spoke to a different assistant. He got the 'phone to pair and work with the keyboard by holding down the 'on' key on the keyboard until the scanning process discovered the 'phone. It then worked perfectly!

    At home I eagerly tried again to pair my 'phone with a portable keyboard I already have, but it is not possible with this device to hold down the 'on' key. It is either on or off.

    I have read that the security of the 'phone makes it incompatible with some bluetooth devices. Does anyone know how to overcome this?

  25. jjholt60

    jjholt60 New Member

    Turn off the Power Saving mode.

    Try the following:
    1. On your phone turn off the power saving mode go to "Settings > Power saving".
    2. Next, turn on the phones bluetooth and power on the headset.
    3. If the phone does not see your headset hold down the headset answer button and press the phones scan button.
    4. Once the headset or device is paired choose Paired settings and make sure the Call audio is checked.
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