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  1. rein

    rein Member

    Got form camera app error message- WARNING! Camera failed. Starting camera, nothing happens, freeze. No help from several reboot or several factory data reset or just from several reset. Still gives error message (like you see on picture). Any other recommendations how to reinstall (?) camera app on samsung galaxy s3 ?

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  2. Beards

    Beards Well-Known Member

    This is normally due to an installation of another App that effects the camera.
    What Apps have you installed recently since last using the camera successfully and until it started to show the problem?
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  3. rein

    rein Member

    No any new apps, worked well for a days with all apps in. When I did factory data reset it cleared all apps and all info in phone, I also moved sd out, so only clear phone ... but still same message. So it's have to be something with camera app. Is it possible to reinstall camera app in phone ?
  4. sherlock5545

    sherlock5545 Well-Known Member

    If you reset the phone, everything should go back to normal, so the camera app should be back functional. Try downloading a third party camera app from the Play Shop. If it doesn't work, there might be some problem with the hardware, I think.
  5. rein

    rein Member

    Did all kind of resets, incl. factory data reset. No results. When I opening camera app, it opens, , black screen with interface, shows icons, can touch icons (nothing happens) rotates screen (landscape and portrait) etc and then (after 5 sec approx) shows same message- WARNING Camera failed ... Any options to download and reinstall camera app ? (Please don't recommend restart, already made 50 of them ...) Also downloaded several third party camera apps, they show - camera error or don't find camera ... ?
  6. rein

    rein Member

    Picture from screen ...

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  7. Beards

    Beards Well-Known Member

    If you say you have tried many other camera Apps all with no luck and showing the same failure then it will not make any difference getting the camera.apk file.
    It now points towards this looking like a hardware failure.
    I would take it to a service centre and let them look at it.
  8. Lord Melbury

    Lord Melbury Active Member

    I have had that couple of times to, it was due to low battery, but I don't know if this the reason with yours.

  9. rein

    rein Member

    Battery full, same story. App starts, black screen, no camera picture, can touch icons (no result) and rotate, zoom etc. Still no picture from camera and after approx 5 sec same message on screen.

    Same question - how to fully reinstall camera app in ics android ?
  10. Gingercat

    Gingercat New Member

    The same thing happened to me last night. I soft reset, hard reset about 3 times, removed all apps that had anything to do with the camera. Today I took it to sprint and they will be sending me a new one. With Sprint you only have 14 days to send it back, after that your dealing with Samsung. Also, they don't have any in stores, so you have to wait for shipping, and I'm kinda worried about since so many pre-paids haven't received their phones yet.
  11. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Well-Known Member

    Same answer as already stated - If 3rd party camera apps are doing the same thing, then it's not your software that needs fixing, it's almost 100% a hardware problem. Take it back to where you got it and exchange it as defective.
  12. Gingercat

    Gingercat New Member

    I did notice for the first time yesterday that the smart stay icon came on, even though the feature had been working, and then my camera worked. But then smart stay wouldn't stop working, and when I manually disabled it, the whole thing froze, I restarted, and now the camera won't work again. So, I think there is a connection there. But on happier news. I went to the sprint store sunday for a new phone and I have just received notification that has shipped. So, get yourself a new phone already :)
  13. rein

    rein Member

    So, solution for my camera error was camera replacement in my brand new S3. And also got new travel adapter (wall unit). Original one just over heated and melted (hole in plastic cover) in charging process ... So two things in one (first) week - camera replacement and new travel adapter (wall unit).
  14. Vetty

    Vetty New Member

    I had the exact same problem right out of the box. Batt was at half life, no apps installed. Fist thing I noticed was it was very hot, then later tried to use the camera and same issue. Camera failed. Did a reset and still nothing.Bought through Wirefly & sending it back. Hoping the next one isn't the same because their customer service is horrible!! Then again Sprint isn't much better.
  15. lacarlson

    lacarlson New Member

    I'm having the same issue. Right out of the box I get the camera failed error. Brought it into Verizon this morning to get it on record. They don't have any so I have to wait until they do.
  16. zakhan1000

    zakhan1000 New Member

    I am facing the same problem. I have read a little online and this is a known problem. So far in all cases that I have come across the phone had to be replaced.

    My problem is that I bought the phone from the Duty Free at the airport and now I am back in my country and they are saying that the Mobile Phone Warranty is not international.

    Do they expect me to fly back to Dubai to change my phone.

  17. dusty4

    dusty4 New Member

    Just got this problem 30 minutes ago... I was ready for the worst (return my S3) but before that, I followed what Beards and other users said:

    -Installed another camera app and got the same error:
    -Removed the last app I had installed (the steam app) and tried again and now it's working.
    -I reinstalled the Steam app and had no problems this time, cam still working.

    No resets needed in my case, so remove the apps installed since the last time you used your cam MAY solve it.
  18. ankish77

    ankish77 New Member

    My S3 Camera also started showing error "Camera failed" with black background. Instead of resetting data myself, I took it to Samsung service center. They advised me to take the back up as first they will try to update software and if this doesn't work they will replace camera. I backed up my data came back to service center next morning. In the evening I got my phone back. They told me that they replaced my Camera. Surprisingly all my data was intact. So I would advice to take your phone to service center for this error as it is a hardware issue.
  19. aaqib4395

    aaqib4395 New Member

    Did they charged you any money ?
  20. aaqib4395

    aaqib4395 New Member

    Did they charged you any money ?

    The important reason for the camera failed is due to the software update. It might be due to some of the updates of the applications/software update. If you have upgraded your phone using Odin then its sure that the camera is failed due to this reason. Go to the samsung store or its service centre. Tell them to reset the original before software and then upgrade the software to the latest version. I hope that the camera will work back again and am sure.

    2. If still it doesnt gets better then its sure the fault of the hardware. Replace it !
  21. damo13

    damo13 New Member

    I recently got my screen replaced in a licensed phone repair shop and when I went to use the camera I get 2 messages
    1. Unknown error - error by ErrorCallback
    2. Warning - Camera Failed
    I was wondering did you fix your problem and how if so?

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